Get a Jump Start on Holiday Shopping

It's Never Too Early to Get a Great Deal. Beat the Holiday Rush and Save Money With These Shopping Tips From NearbyNow

LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwire - November 14, 2007) - Sure, Thanksgiving is the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season. But why not get a head start before the crowds? Think of the lull between Halloween and Thanksgiving as the calm before the storm. You can take advantage of this time to prepare your budget, draw up gift lists, comparison shop for the best deals and best of all -- shop online to check availability for the gifts of your choice and reserve them for in-store pick up at the mall. Thanks to a new search service from NearbyNow that lets you check store inventory from the Internet or mobile phone, and even reserve products to pick up, this year's Holiday shopping is easier than ever before. NearbyNow's service is available in over 200 shopping malls in 130 U.S. cities for the first time this year, empowering shoppers to experience stress-free shopping this holiday season.

Starting early may be just the ticket to saving your sanity and saving money. That's why we've pulled together a collection of NearbyNow's best holiday shopping tips, from finding great online bargains to handling kids' wish lists to staying within your budget this year. Go ahead. Unwrap this early gift from NearbyNow to you:

--  Take advantage of discounts and coupons -- use your mobile phone.
    Discounts and coupons are the talk of the Holiday season this year. Wal-
    Mart, Toys R Us, Circuit City, KB Toys and other major retailers are
    offering sales and discount coupons earlier than previous years, in an
    effort to get shoppers in the door early. While at the mall, consumers can
    use their mobile phone to find last-minute gifts, view coupons and sale
    promotions, and even receive mobile-only offers. You can text to the
    shortcode NEARBY (632729) to find malls near you that have mobile search,
    and receive simple instructions on how to search hundreds of sale items in
    the mall by typing such categories as "toys," "sneakers," or any other item
    they might be searching for. Each shopping center will display signage
    outlining the appropriate mobile mall code and instructions throughout the
--  Check inventory before you go to the mall. Retailers are more nervous
    than ever this year, and that means they typically will reduce inventory
    levels at their stores. Unfortunately this presents the possibility you
    will brave the masses only to find the item you want isn't available. It's
    best to ensure inventory is available before you make that trip to the
    store. Over 200 malls across the U.S. are now using a service called
    NearbyNow that allows consumers to go to the mall Web site to check
    inventory for any product at any store in 10 minutes or less, and even have
    items put on hold.
--  Plan your mall visit online. Much of the hustle and bustle at shopping
    malls can be avoided with a few simple pre-shopping tips. First, plan your
    visit. Create a shopping list, reserve items if you can, use online maps to
    plan your visit, and take advantage of free valet parking. Second, head to
    the mall early and try to avoid going the day before Christmas. NearbyNow
    has created a new approach to holiday shopping this season by combining the
    convenient use of the Internet with the vibrancy of in-store shopping. By
    shopping online before heading out the door, consumers have the ability to
    search inventory of over 800,000 products at their local mall just by going
    to the mall's Web site.
--  Who's wasting time standing in line this Holiday season?  Not you --
    if you are using NearbyNow's exclusive "Check Availability" feature on the
    Web sites of more than 200 malls throughout the U.S. and surely there's a
    mall near you. Once the desired gift is found, shoppers can take advantage
    of the newly enhanced NearbyNow-powered service and "check availability,"
    with the bonus option to 'reserve this product' -- putting the item on hold
    at your local mall. NearbyNow will confirm the product's availability,
    usually within ten minutes, and notify shoppers when it will be available
    for in-store pickup.
--  Buy a shopping spree online. Do your friends and family like to shop?
    Then get them a gift card for their favorite shopping mall, and allow them
    to take advantage of post-holiday sales at any store in the mall. Most
    malls have gift cards that can be purchased from their Web sites (just look
    for the "gift card" link) and with NearbyNow's search service, you can even
    narrow in on a specific retailer from whom you'd like to buy a gift card by
    simply entering 'gift card' on the Web site's product search service.
    Chances are -- come this Holiday season, a great many folks will never have
    left home to do their shopping.

At a mall near you

NearbyNow has partnered with renowned shopping mall operators such as The Westfield Group, CBL & Associates Properties, and General Growth Properties to deliver their experience to malls in over 130 cities. Shoppers can log on to their local mall's Web site or to find the nearest participating mall, or simply text to NEARBY (632729) from their mobile phones.

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