TV Ad Creation and Distribution Now Available Through AditAll

Businesses Can Now Use AditAll to Create Ads for Television Distribution

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 12, 2008) - The race to deliver more targeted television ads to consumers is on, and now cable companies have pledged $150 million to build a national service that can sell targeted advertising across all six cable systems. The partnership, Project Canoe, will allow cable companies to better target ads and further open the broadcast marketplace to small and medium sized businesses. In response to the recent cable partnership, AditAll ( announced today the launch of a service to create and distribute video ads on television. Through Google TV Ads, AditAll community members can distribute ads across numerous television networks. The AditAll platform is easy to use and gives businesses the ability to work with AditAll content providers to create professional quality video ads and commercials.

AditAll is the developer of an internet-based, patent pending platform for the creation, customization and distribution of video ads and commercials. This first of its kind service gives businesses the ability to create video ads at a cost significantly lower than traditional production methods. Average costs for an AditAll video ad range from $300 to $700, including all broadcast rights. This does not include distribution costs, which vary depending on reach, frequency and distribution channel.

"We have created a marketplace that allows people from anywhere in the world to create and upload content advertisers can use for building their brands. We've now added the ability to create ads for television that is easy to use and creates real value for small and medium sized businesses," said Avraham Kadar, M.D., Founder and CEO of AditAll. "This disruptive and revolutionary technology has the potential to change the current structure of the advertising business. AditAll gives small and medium sized businesses the tools needed to create and deliver ad campaigns just like the 'big guys.'"

Creating an ad for broadcast distribution is simple. An advertiser selects a video clip for customization from AditAll's extensive catalog of video assets and adds soundtracks, audio, narration and graphics. Payment and rights documentation are completed and the video is downloaded or routed through AditAll's distribution system.

The TV functionality was recently tested and is currently being used by The Law Offices of David Aronstam in New York. The 15 second Aronstam broadcast spot is currently airing on Versus, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, and ESPN News. The video ad is also running online.

"We are a small law firm. Using AditAll, we have the ability to showcase the firm in a way only large partnerships could in the past. This new technology allows us to create awareness with a new group of potential clients and position ourselves as a credible player in many markets. Most importantly, it is cost-effective and easy to use," said David Aronstam, the firm's owner.

AditAll TV ads are delivered through the Google TV Ad network, which uses an auction model with a single online interface that is familiar to most agencies and advertisers.

About AditAll

AditAll is the developer of a completely transparent, real-time, Internet-based, patent pending platform for the creation, customization and distribution of video ads. The service is one of the first of its kind, providing users with a community hub where businesses, content providers and producers can collaborate to easily and affordably create and distribute video ads. The tools within the AditAll community include video and audio libraries populated by producers, a mixer that allows community members to create and customize ads with logos, graphics, text, narration, etc. and distribution services that simplify the ad placement process. For more information please log on to

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