Networked Insights Taps Social Networks to Take Customer Intelligence and Social Media Analytics to New Heights

New Platform Creates Real-Time Window Into Customer Behavior, Sentiments and Measures Engagement Across Social Networks to Drive Better Business Decisions

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - March 26, 2008) - Networked Insights today announced rich new functionality to the Networked Insights technology platform, providing companies with an even greater level of customer intelligence resulting from interactions across any social media application, including most third-party social networks and company-branded social networks. The company's technology allows brands to assess the influence, engagement and sentiments of customers in real-time, using the content and social behavior profiles from these interactions to help them better understand their customers and drive more informed business decisions.

New Customer Insight Platform functionality includes a complete redesign and simplification of the interface that provides insights from all five areas of focus, including customer needs, content, competition, brand and product/service. In addition, Networked Insights now assigns an influence metric, based on engagement, to each member of a community. Networked Insights incorporates this social behavior information into insight analysis, and companies can now use the information to identify their most influential customers in any network.

Networked Insights is spearheading a new social media market space called Customer Intelligence that combines the detail of web analytics, the strategic and actionable impact of business intelligence, and the consumer-driven insight of social media analysis. While today's online community solutions successfully gather the content from customer conversations, Networked Insights is the only company that uses the social behavior profile in addition to the content from customer-to-customer interactions to determine meaningful and actionable insights that help brands shape their business and product decisions based on customer engagement. Networked Insights' technology analyzes and delivers Customer Intelligence in an automated fashion, taking manual processing, human bias and scalability issues out of the equation, and allowing customer engagement to drive the insights.

"Networked Insights taps customer interactions from any social media application, whether third-party or company-hosted, to identify and deliver essential Customer Intelligence and help companies make better business decisions based on customer engagement," said Daniel Neely, CEO of Networked Insights. "Our new design and functionality further simplifies the process of drawing valuable information from massive amounts of customer interactions, making it easy for companies to evaluate and take action on their customers' wants, needs and sentiments."

Networked Insights is network agnostic and delivers rich insights based on customer interactions from any social media application such as MySpace, Twitter, white-label social networks and many more.

About Networked Insights

Networked Insights is transforming tactical market research into strategic Customer Intelligence by combining proprietary Web 2.0 mining technology, deep social media expertise and rich interactive analytics to drive better business decisions. Networked Insights gives companies the ability to discover, mine and act upon real-time Customer Intelligence from a variety of social media sources, providing truly customer-driven insight based on both content and social behavior generated from customer-to-customer interactions. Previously, companies gained customer information by asking predetermined questions or proving company generated hypotheses. Networked Insights puts the customer at the center of the intelligence process so that companies can let the customer decide what's important. Networked Insights is privately held and based in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information, go to

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