Voki Launches March Mayhem Virtual Broadcaster Playgrounds

Viral Interactive Campaign Promoted Over 130 CSB Radio Station Websites Allows March Madness Fans to Sound Off on Tournament Winner and Loser Predictions

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 31, 2008) - March Madness is well underway and as the vying teams inch closer to the national championship, fans are starting to verbally and virally duke it out over which team will rein champion. Voki (www.voki.com), a speaking avatar platform, developed by avatar technology company Oddcast (www.oddcast.com), has officially launched the March Mayhem campaign in conjunction with Microsoft's The Ultimate Steal and Live@edu. To access March Mayhem log on to www.voki.com/promos/MM.

March Mayhem gives basketball fans the power to create their very own virtual broadcaster by recording their voice and commenting on each game in the tournament. Basketball fans can add voice via phone, microphone, uploaded audio file or text-to-speech. In addition, fans can post their creations on a public gallery and cast votes on the best and worst broadcasts. Voki enables sharing the broadcasts through social networking profiles, blogs and websites. The multi user interactive content platform is being promoted by over 130 CBS Radio station Web sites to help further drive awareness and participation.

"March Mayhem extends the collaborative and community-centric atmosphere of March Madness to an online platform, allowing students and fans more fun ways to virally cheer for and emcee their favorite teams," said Shaival Shah, VP of Strategy and General Manager of Voki. "Thanks to Voki, CBS Radio, and the Microsoft Live@edu and Ultimate Steal teams, campus community spirit gets a boost and a new creative outlet."

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