Majority of Boomers Are Using Rebate Checks to Pay Bills, Buy Necessities or Save for Retirement, According to Poll

Only 18 Percent of Boomers Are Spending the Money on Consumer Goods, Travel or Entertainment

CHARLESTOWN, MA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - Today,, the largest social networking site for baby boomers, revealed the findings of its "Rebate Check Boomer Poll" which polled more than 700 members of the community. The poll was conducted between May 6-12, 2008 and asked boomers, "How do you plan on using the money from your rebate check?" The poll showed that more than 60 percent of boomers are either saving their rebate checks, using the money to pay bills, or are spending it on necessities like food and gas. A mere 18 percent are spending the money on consumer goods, travel or entertainment.

"The baby boomer generation, 78 million strong, is often regarded as the generation with the most disposable income. It was surprising for us to learn that our members, like so many other consumers, are planning to save their rebate checks rather than spend them," said Jeff Taylor, Founder and CEO. "It's a topic that many of our members are passionate about and have been discussing in various retirement groups on for some time."

Full survey results are as follows:

How do you plan on using the money from your rebate check?

Pay bills                                                  27.8%

Spend on necessities (food, gas, etc.)                     17.0%

Save (for retirement, future expenses, etc.)               16.5%

Spend on travel                                              10%

Spend on consumer goods (flat screen TV, iPod, etc.)        7.6%

Unsure                                                      6.2%

I did not qualify for a check                               5.5%

Give to family                                              2.4%

Spend on entertainment (restaurant, movies, etc.)           1.7%

Give to charity                                             0.4%


The "Rebate Check Boomer Poll" was conducted of members from May 6-12, 2008. More than 700 members participated in the survey.

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