Harte-Hanks(R) Trillium Software Delivers Latest Version of Trillium Software(R) System for Global Data Quality

Integrated Data Quality Software Platform Helps Business Users Solve Data Quality Challenges to Improve Business Operations Performance in the Face of a Challenging Economy

BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - June 2, 2008) - Trillium Software®, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS) and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality™ solutions, today delivered the latest version of its enterprise data quality software solution, the Trillium Software® System version 11.5. The software now offers an expanded, fully-integrated set of data profiling, validation and cleansing capabilities across a broader range of countries to meet the global needs of business users who require a more strategic approach for solving data quality challenges throughout their organizations. As a result, customers who process large volumes of product and customer data from multiple regions can achieve superior data quality for optimal business operations performance.

In addition, the company announced the availability of TS Insight 2.5, Trillium Software's data quality dashboard tool, and reaffirmed its commitment to supporting mainframe applications by offering new functionality for helping customers integrate data quality into their Z/OS legacy infrastructure applications.

"In a time of increasing economic challenges and rapid consolidation of data quality providers -- which leaves significant gaps in data management knowledge -- it is important for our customers to know they can turn to Trillium Software for superior expertise to help them achieve their data quality objectives," said Leonard Dubois, vice president of marketing at Harte-Hanks Trillium Software. "Our latest version of the Trillium Software System represents the culmination of many years of listening to and working closely with the world's leading companies. As a result, organizations now have an industry-leading technology foundation upon which they can confidently and more easily build data quality into their business processes to improve business operations and solve their data management and governance challenges."

Trillium Software System is a complete data quality lifecycle management software platform that is scalable and optimized for increased performance and rapid data profiling, cleansing, standardization, matching, and, ongoing data governance. It offers profiling and data cleansing functionality in a single user interface to help customers seamlessly manage the end-to-end data quality lifecycle -- from preliminary assessment of source data through automated profiling, data quality improvement and enrichment, and data governance phases. In addition, because of its completely flexible architecture, the Trillium Software System can be integrated into many types of applications, as well as bring in data from a variety of internal and external sources for seamless enterprise data quality management.

The new version of the software contains all the functionality of previous versions but with numerous enhancements that make it faster and easier for business users and IT professionals alike to implement, learn, use and maintain. New capabilities include:

--  Expanded Address Validation capabilities that provide even broader
    coverage of street and house-level validation in fifteen additional
    countries such as Austria, Poland, Russia, and New Zealand.  This helps
    customers obtain accurate results for global data, incorporating country-
    specific rules, standards and cultural nuances;
--  Expanded Country Projects for out-of-the-box data flows, and country-
    specific rules for parsing, matching and address reconstruction of data
    across multiple regions in Eastern Europe, the Nordics and Russia.  For
    global organizations that require high quality data from sources located in
    these regions, companies can realize strong results and improved value over
    less-sophisticated address validation products;
--  Trillium Software System for Mainframe Environments is available to
    run on Z/OS and is unicode-enabled for the mainframe.  New functionality
    includes double-byte capabilities, broader country code support, and data
    cleansing module consolidation that enables customers to achieve their
    global data quality goals and realize business value from existing legacy
    application investments.

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software also delivered Trillium Software Insight 2.5, a Web-based data quality dashboard that provides customers with easy and rapid access to critical information and results provided as part of a source system or data governance analysis. TS Insight offers a new set of data quality dashboard interfaces geared towards data governance team members, scorecards and trending graphs to help business users better understand data quality results from data improvement initiatives. The new views and other enhancements in TS Insight make data quality results easier to track and understand.

Trillium Software System v11.5 and TS Insight v2.5 are available worldwide, and past versions of the Trillium Software System can be quickly and easily implemented or upgraded by contacting Trillium Software Global Sales at +1 (978) 436-8900 or e-mail at trilliumsoftware@trilliumsoftware.com.

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