Free Workers' Comp Best-Practices Checklist Helps Employers Track Success in Comp Cost-Reduction Programs

Best-Practice Benchmarks Added to

MANSFIELD, CN--(Marketwire - June 9, 2008) - An easy-to-use benchmarking checklist lets employers measure their initial successes in improving their workers' compensation practices.

"20 Best Practice Benchmarks," newly added to Workers Comp Kit®, helps employers document incremental improvements that can reduce workers' compensation premiums.

"While each step in a holistic program doesn't directly yield measurable immediate savings, as you demonstrate improvement in these operational milestones, bottom-line savings will quickly follow," said Rebecca Shafer, president of Amaxx, provider of Workers Comp Kit. "This free checklist will point you toward best practices and let you show your insurer the steps you've taken to reduce losses."

20 Best Practice Benchmarks can be used to:

--  Start a discussion of steps your organization can take to reduce
    workers' compensation costs
--  Review initial workers' comp best practices
--  Measure best practice implementation
--  Keep location management on track
--  Tie incentive plans to achieving operational goals

The checklist, found at -- is a free sample of the material contained in Workers Comp Kit®, a complete system for employers to reduce their workers' comp costs. Employers that go through the complete program reduce their losses 20% to 50% and quickly recoup their investment, Shafer said. "There are over 80 best practices, but this free sample will get you started."

The online version of the best practice assessment produces a WC Target Score™ -- much like a FICO® credit score. It can demonstrate operational steps your company has taken to improve experience and be shown to carriers when making a case for lower premiums or reduced collateral requirements.

Companies that have used it to slash costs include small industrial equipment-installation firms, medium-sized manufacturers and Fortune 500 corporations. To read the case studies, go to

Pricing is scaled by number of employees, making it affordable for even small employers. Workers Comp Kit® is distributed through selected insurance brokers and is available from Amaxx.

For more information, visit, write or call 860-553-6604.

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