Adknowledge Launches Social Advertising Network in UK Office

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - Adknowledge announced today that it has launched its social advertising network in the UK. Adknowledge, via their Cubics acquisition, displays over 1.8 billion impressions per month in the UK on various social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Bebo. The network connects brands to consumers by displaying ads in over 400 applications.

"We are excited to be offering our social advertising traffic in the UK market," said Dwayne Lafleur, General Manager of Social Advertising at Adknowledge. "Our social advertising channel allows advertisers to reach millions of consumers in a highly engaging environment -- on their favorite social application."

"Our existing advertisers have been looking for the best way to reach consumers within the social networks and are extremely impressed by the results they have seen through our pre-launch testing," said John Cole, Managing Director of Adknowledge UK. "Advertisers can target based on the application that is being used by the consumer as well as information provided within their profiles. This gives our advertisers the ability to drill down to their specific target quickly and easily, delivering returns that no other social advertising provider can offer."

About Adknowledge

Adknowledge is a single destination for advertisers looking for quality clicks beyond Google® and Yahoo®. Adknowledge operates, a multi-channel behavioral targeting ad network in which advertisers seamlessly bid for traffic in display, email and smaller search engines. Over 50,000 advertisers have used the Adknowledge BidSystem. For more information about Adknowledge, please visit them at To show Adknowledge ads within your website or email newsletter, please visit To drive traffic to your website from the Adknowledge marketplace, please visit To purchase ads on the major Social Networks, please visit Cubics at

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