Park Cities Obedience School: Firework Fears a Danger to Dogs

Dog Training Experts Offer Tips to Address Panic Caused by Startling Noises

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - June 30, 2008) - Fireworks and Fourth of July celebrations go hand-in-hand in Texas, but Park Cities Obedience School ( is warning that four-legged family members may be traumatized by the loud noises and bright lights. In an effort to seek safety, some dogs flee their homes and yards, while others exhibit destructive behaviors.

The animal behavior experts at Park Cities Obedience School say it is natural for a frightened dog to try to find a safer place. The good news is that almost all fear-related problems can be successfully resolved, but it can take time and effort. If ignored, a dog's fear of firecrackers can get worse, contributing to anti-social behaviors.

"Since people usually congregate when fireworks go off, a dog might begin to get stressed out anytime people get together, even if no fireworks are involved," said Phil Marr, owner of Park Cities Obedience School, who has been training dogs for nearly 40 years. "Owners need to take steps to prevent problems before they occur by creating a caring, comfortable environment for their dog, without encouraging the behavior."

Marr and his team of dog trainers recommend the following techniques to keep the family dog safe and calm this Fourth of July:

--  Beforehand, bring your dog inside the house and turn on a radio or
--  Create a small, dark space that is shielded from the frightening sound
    as much as possible, but do not confine the dog in that spot.
--  Close windows and curtains and keep your dog away from the doors.
--  Distract your dog by doing something you both enjoy. Practice some
    training commands or play fetch. Give plenty of pats and hugs.

Park Cities Obedience School warns not to bring a dog to a fireworks display. Additionally, this is a good time for owners to make sure their dog's identification is securely fastened to its collar, just in case.

According to the National Pet Owners Survey from the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, 39 percent of American households own at least one dog. That means dogs reside in more than 780,000 households in the Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington Metroplex.

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