CNSV Acquired Approximately 1,000 Acres With Mineral Rights in Eastern Kentucky ('Owsley Property') for $1,000,000 and Retained An Energy Development Group to Manage the Coal Development Process

HENDERSON, Nev., Aug. 26, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consolidation Services, Inc. ("CNSV" or the "Company") (OTCBB:CNSV) announces its acquisition of approximately one thousand acres of land in eastern Kentucky (the "Owsley Property") for a purchase price of $1 million, which closed on August 25, 2008. In connection with the acquisition, the Company simultaneously entered into a coal development agreement with an experienced energy and timber development group (the "Development Group").

CNSV paid the purchase price as follows: (i) $500,000 in cash; and (ii) $500,000 by a promissory note due on or before October 15, 2008 which is secured by a mortgage on the Owsley Property. As previously reported in CNSV's public filings, the Development Group had received $100,000 in cash from the release of such amounts from escrow prior to the closing, and at closing received: (i) $400,000 through CNSV's issuance of restricted common stock (200,000 shares) valued at $2.00 per share; and (ii) the right to receive fifty percent (50%) of any coal royalty revenues regarding the Owsley Property (subject to filing of the mineral deed covering such rights), as consideration to handle the coal permitting process, prepare all reclamation plans, contract for coal mining and oversee the actual mining and reclamation process, with the remaining fifty percent (50%) retained by CNSV.

The Development Group believes that total royalty revenues from surface mineable coal could potentially reach between $30-40 million based upon royalty revenues generated from comparable sized coal producing properties in the Central Appalachian region and other information, however, there are no assurances that the Owsley Property will have coal resources that are marketable or that can be extracted in economically feasible amounts and the information provided by the Development Group has not been independently verified. Management believes, based on their knowledge of the industry, that royalty rates are typically ten percent or approximately fourteen dollars per ton based on the current average weekly coal spot prices for the Central Appalachian region, as reported by the Energy Information Administration. The Development Group anticipates mining activities to commence in calendar year 2008, with receipt of royalties anticipated in the first quarter of 2009, assuming coal is extractable in marketable or economically feasible amounts.

The reclamation process, following the proposed mining of the coal, is expected to enhance and benefit the Company's planned organic farming operations through the anticipated construction of an estimated $1 million in infrastructure on the property. The coal mining reclamation efforts will develop pastures of specific sizes, good roads to pastures and to proposed natural gas/oil well drilling sites, establish ponds and watering sites throughout the property, reshape steep relatively inaccessible slopes to gentle slopes by lowering peaks and filling the hollows and seeding the pastures with Company selected species and varieties to maximize organic production.

"The acquisition of this sizable tract of land enables CNSV to continue to meet its strategic objectives to acquire property for future organic farming operations, as well as generate cash flow from the energy resources believed to be situated on the subject property, for the long term benefit of our shareholders," said Dr. Johnny R. Thomas, President/CEO of CNSV.

About CNSV

CNSV is currently engaged in acquiring land for its proposal organic farming operations and developing potential energy resources on some of its acquired properties in the near-term. CNSV's proposed organic farming operations will include organic certification and grazing of beef, dairy, and wild game on grass fed pastures, while continuing to utilize the land in connection with the CNSV's energy development plans. The CNSV business model is unique because it focuses on acquiring land to produce both food and energy. CNSV intends to make energy resource recovery and organic/natural food farming work synergistically because modern recovery methods not only avoid damage to the land but also enhance arability.

Additional information concerning these and other risk factors of CNSV can be found in the Company's periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), including the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K, as amended by Form 10-K/A, for the year ended December 31, 2007 filed on March 27, 2008 and June 6, 2008, respectively, with the SEC.

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