Pet Promise Helps Out U.S. Family Farmers at Farm Aid

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - With a promise to respect all animals and the earth, Pet Promise pet food upholds its mission to support U.S. farmers and ranchers who are committed to natural and sustainable methods.

Pet Promise has been named an official sponsor of "Farm Aid 2008 Presented by Whole Foods Market and Horizon Organic." Along with Farm Aid president Willie Nelson and board members Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews they urge Americans to eat local, humanely raised and organic food and to help support family farmers. The benefit concert takes place Sept. 20, at the Comcast Center, outside of Boston, or you can watch it live on DIRECTV's The 101 Network or online at

Pet Promise is presently the only pet food that supports Farm Aid's efforts. In addition to being a sponsor of the event, Pet Promise is also donating Farm Aid pet bandanas for purchase at PETCO stores around the country starting this month. The bandanas are available for just $2, with all proceeds going to Farm Aid.

By strictly sourcing natural U.S. raised meat and poultry, Pet Promise helps support over 1,500 U.S. farmers and ranchers committed to natural and sustainable methods to protect our environment and the humane treatment of animals.

The positive impact these farmers have on the environment may be overlooked and unfortunately many go out of business each week and are often replaced by factory farms.

"Factory farms are major offenders of the environment today. The amount of residues from antibiotics and hormones that goes into the water tables is significant," says world-renowned integrative medicine expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. "By choosing pet foods made with meat and poultry sourced from U.S. sustainable farms, you are sending a message about these practices, and helping to do something positive for the environment."

Pet Promise has a two-part mission. First, a promise to produce a pure pet food made without the use of animal byproducts and rendered meat or chicken meals and made with protein sources from animals raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. And second, a commitment to environmental practices which involves sourcing meat and poultry exclusively from natural and sustainable U.S. farms and ranches.

Discover the positive environmental impact your pet can make by switching to a pet food that sources its meat and poultry from U.S. sustainable farms at:

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