Malnourished on the Inside: New Book Says Raising Chemical-Free Kids Is a Must in the Fight Against Disease

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2008) - It's hard to imagine American children being the face of malnourishment, but a new book for parents suggests your child could be starving for nutrients on the inside, which may be linked to premature disease.

"If you purchase your food from the middle of the grocery store it's most likely processed," says Anthony Zolezzi, author of "Chemical-Free Kids: The Organic Sequel" (ASM Publishing 2008). "Obesity and other disease today are an issue today because our children are really starving for nutrients."

The World Health Organization (WHO) blames processed foods for the sharp rise in obesity and chronic disease seen around the world.

"American children are overfed and undernourished," says Zolezzi whose new book dives into simple steps parents can take to ensure their children are getting the right micronutrients and staying away from dangerous synthetics. "Eating right is not always as easy as fruits and vegetables. Any parent living in today's world can relate to the confusion on labels, the frustration at the dinner table and the constant peer pressure from advertisers."

Zolezzi says there is a food fight down every grocery aisle. So before you strap your child in the cart, come prepared (and armed) to battle through your shopping list and protect your child at the same time. Zolezzi recommends parents stay away from three "sinister" synthetics and gravitate to three must-have, "mighty" micronutrients.

Sinister Synthetics (stay-away):

--  Dyes and Preservatives:  They give food a fun flare and shelf life but
    new studies now point to synthetic preservatives and artificial coloring
    agents as aggravating ADD & ADHD in children.
--  High-fructose corn syrup:  Is the cheapest way to sweeten food but
    could cause the most adverse health effects according to many peer reviewed
    journal studies.
--  GMOs and rBHT:  Genetically modified organisms have been altered using
    genetic engineering techniques.  One GMO of concern is an artificial bovine
    growth hormone found in conventional milk called rBHT.  The federal
    government maintains that it is perfectly safe, but it remains illegal in
    many other countries and critics continue to question its safety.

Mighty Micronutrients (must-have):

--  Micronutrient supplement that is organic (multiple vitamins). Zolezzi
    says the new EveryKid brand by New Chapter is the first and only organic
    multivitamin that comes in the form of a pixie stick (easy for young
    children to take).
--  Organic milk: chocolate or white (vitamin A and D, calcium).
--  Whole-grain bread that you make homemade (vitamins E and B, fiber,
    iron, magnesium).

Zolezzi's book, "Chemical-Free Kids: The Organic Sequel," is available on or visit for free, downloadable chapters and more nutrition tips.

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'Chemical-Free Kids: The Organic Sequel,' uses fun characters, 'Mighty Micronutrients,' and 'Sinister Synthetics, to educate parents and children about what ingredients to stay away from and which whole foods are good for you.