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New Book Explains How to Increase Your Value, Income and Get Noticed in the Workplace

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - October 8, 2008) - Most people will probably agree that action does not always lead to success; it is simply an attempt to move forward. But it is those forward thinkers who drive accomplishment and innovation and become great leaders.

For example, to be a good leader, communication is king and at the beginning of the 21st century, mastering electronic communication was paramount due to its speed, low cost and efficiency. The most recent evolution of electronic communication, which is gaining incredible traction, comes in the form of a web log or "blog."

"The best leaders continually update their business methods and enhance their winning formula to best fit the changing climate in their industry," says Doug Van Dyke, executive coach and author of the new book, "Leadership Simplified: The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders" (Global Market Publishing, 2008). "The workforce is constantly changing and the pace of business is quickening, so reinvention offers an opportunity to remain relevant and effective."

Over the last 25 years, Van Dyke has led training sessions that have enabled groups of professionals to communicate more effectively, lead with passion, embrace change and increase profitability. His new book, "Leadership Simplified," is a compilation of valuable techniques that are proven to help polish business skills and is written as a quick reference guide for all levels of leaders.

"Even if you are not the boss or the one running the company, you have the opportunity to lead in any capacity or situation," says Van Dyke. "In today's economy it is important to show your leadership qualities to increase your value and financial worth at work."

The book, "Leadership Simplified: The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders," can be purchased at, or, where you can also find more simple tips on how to be an effective leader.

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"Leadership Simplified: The Feild Guide for Savvy Leaders," is a quick reference guide on how to pick up on leadership qualities yourself that can be used to increase your value and financial worth at work and home.