Latest Veritude White Paper Encourages Organizations to Consider Behavioral Interviews to Improve Hiring Effectiveness

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 9, 2008) - Hiring employees is one of the most important decisions any organization will make and according to a new white paper released today by Veritude, a leading staffing services provider, companies that establish structured behavioral-based interview guides will increase hiring effectiveness. The white paper entitled, "Behavioral Interview Tips & Techniques: What Every Recruiter and Hiring Manager Should Know," was created by Veritude to help hiring managers and their HR partners develop candidate profiles, sourcing strategies and recruiting plans to drive better hiring decisions that support overall business goals.

A manager's goal with any hiring decision is to prepare for and conduct the interview to gather enough information to improve the odds of making a good hiring decision. Putting the appropriate tools -- such as structured interview guides -- in the hands of HR and hiring managers can significantly impact the odds of achieving this goal.

Sandra Lowe, vice president, Veritude, observed, "The collaboration between HR and hiring managers is what constitutes effective hiring. By following the steps in our white paper, organizations can leverage the strengths of each group -- using HR's recruiting experience in concert with hiring managers' domain expertise."

This is particularly critical in IT hiring, where often times HR does not understand the technical skill sets required for a successful hire. According to Veritude, HR and IT managers should work together to develop a behavioral interview guide that outlines the ideal candidate profile for the position, who will participate in the interview process and at what stage, and the types of candidate information needed to effectively determine future success. The guides also outline key questions that should be asked during the interview process and how to avoid common interview mistakes. The two groups' collaboration on these guides will result in improved hiring results.

Lowe continued, "At Veritude, we believe the creation of a behavioral interview guide is critical to overall hiring success. Geared to the specific position, it's an essential step in the selection process. After covering the basics, such as education and work history, HR and hiring managers should focus on the specific questions that are essential to success on the job."

For each of these questions, candidates should describe a specific situation that is applicable to the questions, the action the candidate took in the situation, and the corresponding results. Lowe commented, "While this sounds easy, it's important that the interviewer remain focused on eliciting responses to the three components of the question. Doing so will enable them to ascertain what the candidate is capable of accomplishing and what he or she might accomplish as part of a larger team."

Veritude's white paper underscores the importance of this approach to not only allow for the sharing of candidate information in an organized and consistent manner but to accurately predict future behavior. Using behavioral interview guides will also help advance only those candidates that are qualified.

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