Top Six Benefits of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for Packaging Companies

Cold Jet Announces Top Reasons Why Packaging Companies Should Consider Dry Ice Blasting as a Replacement for Conventional Cleaning Methods

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - October 23, 2008) - A recent Cold Jet Industrial Cleaning Habits and Practices Report identified a gap between perception and reality when it comes to effectiveness of cleaning methods and actual product quality among packaging companies. Cold Jet today announced the top six reasons why packaging companies or companies that have packaging operations should consider dry ice blast cleaning as a replacement for their conventional cleaning methods.

"Like most manufacturing companies, plant managers and engineers in the packaging industry are being asked to reduce costs and do more with less; all without impacting productivity and quality," said Gene Cooke, CEO of Cold Jet. "Improving cleaning practices is one area that can have a dramatic impact on a number of measurable business outcomes, including product quality, worker productivity, environmental and worker safety, and profits. Dry ice blasting provides a faster, safer and more comprehensive clean, which eliminates a number of steps in the conventional cleaning practices of today's packaging companies."

The top six benefits of dry ice blasting for packaging companies include:

1.  Reduce costs -- Most cleaning practices today involve a multi-step
    process that requires production to completely stop, and frequently
    includes a number of people, a variety of cleaners and secondary waste
    disposal that adds costs to production. Dry ice blasting reduces labor
    costs because it can be done quickly by one person and in significantly
    less time than conventional manual labor. The process also eliminates
    the need to completely shut-down, cool, disassemble/assemble and
    relocate equipment for cleaning.  A faster, superior clean delivers
    increased production and reduced scrap.

2.  Improve Quality -- Dry ice blasting has proven to be a superior
    cleaning method for labelers, palletizers, BIB and boxformers,
    air decks, airveyors, conveyors, denester, de-palletizer, electric
    motors, injection and blow mold cavities, as well as other equipment
    in a packaging environment. When glue, ink and coatings are not removed
    completely from the production line, then product quality suffers and
    unscheduled downtime is more likely to occur.  This downtime delays the
    entire production process and is particularly bad for manufacturers of
    perishable products as there is a higher potential for spoilage and

3.  Improve Productivity -- By cleaning equipment in less time, plant
    managers will be able to get more production cycles from their existing
    equipment. Dry ice blasting helps to reduce prolonged shut-down times,
    as equipment can be cleaned while hot and online. Preventive
    maintenance or spot cleaning can be done more frequently without
    impacting production.

4.  Prolong Life of Equipment -- Dry ice blasting is a dry process that is
    non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive; meaning it won't damage
    equipment and is safe for most surfaces, including electrical

5.  Improve Worker Safety -- Dry ice blasting eliminates exposure to
    volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the need to work closely with hot
    equipment.  The process eliminates repetitive motions of hand cleaning
    or scrubbing, chiseling or activities that require pounding, sanding or
    scraping.  Cold Jet's systems have ergonomic designs that reduce
    physical stress on workers, including carpal tunnel and other adverse
    impacts caused by manual processes.

6.  Support Environmental Initiatives -- Dry ice blasting makes productive
    use of otherwise unproductive CO2. The process eliminates the need for
    VOCs and water in the cleaning process. Traditional cleaning processes
    require the proper disposal of toxic waste (towels, cleansers,
    contaminated water, etc.). Dry ice blasting does not produce secondary
    waste and reduces downstream contamination.

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