Freedom Quest Launches Socket Tuit -- a Universal Mobile Device Charger

Universal Mini-Charger Powers Mobile Devices on the Go

CAPE CORAL, FL--(Marketwire - November 18, 2008) - Freedom Quest, Inc., a revolutionary mobile device accessory developer, today announced the launch of its new product Socket Tuit™, a universal back-up and mini-charger for mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, mp3 players and electronic mobile devices. Utilizing the universal DC car charger plug, Socket Tuit™ is able to solve the adapter problem plagued by many other mobile device chargers. Currently, most battery operated emergency mini-chargers require special adapters to interface between the charger and the device. Socket Tuit™ solves this problem by using the DC plug style so that anyone can make use of his or her own specific brand car charger to charge his or her mobile device.

"Currently in the marketplace there are a plethora of mini-chargers, however the problem with these is that they usually only work with certain brands. Some come with additional adapters, however once home these adapters might not work with the device. Socket Tuit is different. Socket Tuit literally works with every device," said David Cosh, President of Freedom Quest, Inc. "With Socket Tuit, users can now use their own car chargers to charge their devices. This allows one simple mini-charger to charge a multitude of appliances. We're really excited to bring this new tool to the ever-growing marketplace."

Socket Tuit™ also helps to eliminate customer trips to the store, returns of open-boxes, product waste, and discontinued items through its use of a true universal adaptor. In addition, the charger provides over 9 hours of Straight Talk Time, charges a drained battery in about 1 hour, recharges multiple times on a single set of batteries, and uses common 'AA' batteries. Socket Tuit™ is also proud to be a green product, helping to cut down on the waste of extra adaptors and old and outdated chargers. For more information, please visit

About Freedom Quest, Inc.

Freedom Quest, Inc. was founded in Cape Coral, Florida in 2007 with the purpose of designing, manufacturing, and marketing unique and simple mobile device accessories. Today, Freedom Quest, Inc. sits on the precipice of being the leader in development of emergency mobile back-up and mini-charging devices. Freedom Quest, Inc.'s revolutionary Socket Tuit™ universal emergency mini-charger changes the paradigm of back-up power solutions. With a host of additional developments and innovations, Socket Tuit™ products will be uncomplicated, easy to use, and reliable. With several years of mobile phone experience behind him, David Cosh, the inventor of Socket Tuit™, heads up the company as the President. For more information on Freedom Quest, Inc. and their true universal mini-charger, please visit

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