Financial Literacy for the Rest of Us

How to Get Through the Financial Crisis Without a Ph.D. in Economics

IRVING, TX--(Marketwire - December 8, 2008) - With many modern families, balancing the bank account is one of those activities that sits on the corner table, like the elephant in the room that everyone tries to ignore.

However, if more families thought of their household as a business, with revenue and payables instead of paychecks and bills, they might be able to bring their personal finances issues into focus.

That's what Kim Snider, CEO of Snider Advisors and author of the new book "How to Be the Family CFO: 4 Simple Steps to Put Your Financial House in Order" (, advises struggling Americans to focus on these tips:

--  Plan Prudently - Gather your bills and paystubs into separate stacks,
    or create a computer file that details all monthly expenditures and
    earnings. Now, simply plan what you're going to pay and when you'll pay it.
    Review your expenses once a week, and you'll always know where your money
    is going.
--  Save Prodigiously - Saving money is about more than just the rainy
    day. It's about unexpected car repairs, medical bills, home repairs and
    clothes for growing kids. Even putting away $10 per week can make a
--  Invest Wisely - Take true advantage of your employer-sponsored
    retirement plans and 401K plans by allowing them to deduct the maximum
    amount from your paychecks.
--  Manage Risk - The biggest risk for most people is the loss of your
    job, forfeiting your regular income. You can hedge that risk by keeping
    your job skills current and taking on a disability insurance policy.

Snider believes that if more people ran their household finances like a company, they would run smoother, more efficiently and with fewer crises.

About Kim Snider

Kim is the Founder and President of Snider Advisors, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Her firm manages approximately $100 million directly for clients, and advises on an additional $400+* million managed by her extended family of Snider Investment Method® Workshop alumni.

* as of September 2008

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