Guarantee Your Pup a Happy Howl-iday!

Helpful Insights From the Experts at Camp Bow Wow(R), Premier Doggy Day Care and Overnight Camps

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - December 19, 2008) - 'Tis the season to travel and visit loved ones, but some dogs just aren't able to take the trip. When separation is necessary, pups can grow anxious about being apart from their families. To help your family enjoy the howl-idays, Camp Bow Wow offers some tips to ease separation anxiety and make your dog's life more fun while you're away.

1. Find the right facility for your pet. Select a place that includes amenities designed to ease separation anxiety. Will they be comfortable? Kept busy? Given the choice to play or relax? Will they have a private cabin so they can rest peacefully?

2. For active dogs, make sure they can play and be themselves! An "all day play" environment is preferable because it gives them a chance to use up all that energy that might otherwise be spent worrying. Without this release many dogs adopt bad habits like chewing up possessions, theirs or yours!

3. Before you travel, make sure your pup is comfortable in the environment where she'll be staying. At Camp Bow Wow, we recommend that customers reserve a day or two of day care before they travel, so when it's time to take their pup for an overnight stay, she's already familiar with the place, the staff and the other dogs.

4. Bring along some treasured items like bedding or toys that will make her cabin more cozy and familiar.

5. Provide the staff with enough of your dog's food to last the entire stay. Making any abrupt changes in diet often upsets a pup's tummy and leads to greater anxiety.

6. Make a plan to ease your own separation anxiety while you're traveling. At Camp Bow Wow, the easiest way to stay posted on your pup's activities is to use our Web-based Camper Cams®. Available at every Camp, they allow you to watch your dog having fun and it can ease your worries from anywhere in the world.

"Whatever your holiday plans, it's important to make arrangements for your pet where you will have peace of mind about being apart," says Heidi Flammang, CEO and Top Dog at Camp Bow Wow. "It's also helpful to plan ahead, because Camps and other facilities fill up quickly during peak travel dates and you'll want to make sure you have a spot!"

Camp Bow Wow is the Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camp® with over 90 current locations and over 115 additional camps under development around the country and in Canada. Camp Bow Wow is a national leader in the $500 million doggy day care industry. While maintaining the feel of a mom-and-pop, Camp Bow Wow has advanced and standardized the model into what is the most sophisticated dog day and overnight care operation in the country. Utilizing technology, state-of-the-art facility design, and intensive employee training, all in a camp-like setting, Camp Bow Wows are operationally the best run and safest environments for dogs.

Camp Bow Wow boasts Certified Camp Counselors®, spacious outdoor play areas and a climate-controlled indoor environment, Camper Cams® so owners can virtually check in on their pets, doggy playground equipment and more. Overnight campers lounge in cabins with cots and fleece bedding accompanied by a campfire treat at bedtime.

About Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow is the premier doggy day care and overnight camp in North America. It's where a dog can be a dog®, and is designed to provide the highest levels of fun, safety and service for its campers, and peace of mind for their parents. Since the Boulder, Colo.-based company started franchising in 2003, Camp Bow Wow has sold more than 200 franchises in 38 states, plus one in Canada. As we grow, our simple philosophy remains the same: It's all about the dogs. Visit us on the web at

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