Prospering Through Tough Times

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Combines Business, Personal Guidelines Into One Philosophy of Life

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 20, 2009) - Dick Gunther knows how to get through tough times.

In Gunther's 83 years, he has made millions in business and helped untold thousands through charitable organizations.

Gunther's recollections are collected in his memoir, "How High Is Up: the Tale of a Restless Spirit" (Greenleaf Publishing, 2009) ( His message is simple -- times are tough now, but they have been tough before, and if we can manage to keep focused on things that truly matter, we can defeat fear and anxiety. His tips for living a fulfilling life include:

Remember That Life is an Adventure -- Embracing that philosophy and living life with high energy embodies Gunther's path for the good life.

Take Reasonable Risks in Life -- Gunther learned that if we are to get the most out of life, we have to take risks. Not crazy risks, but 'push the envelope' to understand our own capacities.

Ignore Failure and Learn From Mistakes -- "One thing to remember is that there is no such thing as failure, unless we define the experience that way," Gunther said. "If we attempt something and it doesn't work, we don't have to consider it a failure. Better to leave out ego and simply say 'That didn't work, so what have I learned from it?'"

Solve Problems -- "I learned a big lesson from my children," he said. "With children, just as in business, it's not always as important to be right as it is to solve problems. You can be right, but it may not help the situation."

At 83, Gunther shows no signs of slowing down in his philanthropic work, which is based on one of his most important messages. "Always have something to do that involves helping others. One of the secrets of a happy and serene life is that enriching the lives of others also enriches you."

About Richard S. Gunther

A successful entrepreneur who made a fortune by age 34, Dick Gunther is an investor, writer, husband, father and grandfather; he is a man who learned to give. His charitable efforts have earned many awards and much recognition, and he was a delegate to the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and honored by being named on President Richard M. Nixon's Enemy List.

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