"PAINT PAINT" by Lynne Bernbaum Expresses Sign of the Times -- Back to Basics

Caribbean's Best Known Modernist Artist Still Manages to Use Ardent, Bold Colors for Highly Original Representations

ANGUILLA and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - Lynne Bernbaum, US born and Anguilla based Modernist Artist, unveiled her latest collection -- "PAINT PAINT" a series of vivid still lifes of paint freshly squeezed from the tube with sensuous shapes, argent light, and shadows making up the composition.

Forging a reciprocal relationship between fine art and the art culture as a whole, Bernbaum's latest practice is predicated on seeing art as part of today's economy. The artist's significance of carving out a new model based on a transformation of subjects, hits the raw nature of her chosen field -- art, the necessity to simplify and the Caribbean's natural existence.

"I realized that PAINT PAINT is a sign of the times and we have to get back to some basics, simplify, use (and don't abuse) your resources," said Bernbaum. "When asked, I was saying that I am painting something new, nothing to do with the Caribbean and now I see that it does. It is raw, just straight raw paint, nothing else," she continued. "As in the Caribbean, all is raw. Very real and a more natural existence, raw exposed emotions with nowhere to hide. I am speaking about living in the islands, not vacationing there."

"The ultimate trompe l'oeil effect, paint that appears solely as paint. An inspired and unique concept," said fellow Artist and Film Director Bob Bean after previewing the collection. "Actual surrealism. An oxymoron in art. A painting of paint painted with, well paint, of course. Why didn't I think of that or for that matter, has anyone else. I want one -- two or ten."

"Lynne Bernbaum has created fascinating and highly original representations from the most basic elements of art -- the shape, line and colors of paint," said Maurice Wilkinson, well known art collector and Professor of Economics at Colombia University.

The "PAINT PAINT" collection can currently be viewed at The Lynne Bernbaum Art Studio in Anguilla or by private showing in New York. US exhibition will commence in September 2009 in Dallas and will tour the US throughout 2010.

About Lynne Bernbaum

Born in Texas in 1954, Lynne Bernbaum is one of the most influential artists to come out of Dallas in recent decades. Now Anguilla based and the Caribbean's best known Modernist painter, she has exhibited in numerous institutions and galleries throughout the US, Europe and the Caribbean for over 20 years. For more information, visit www.lynnebernbaum.com or call US Representation - Activate Media Group at 212.262.6666 ext 102 or email info@lynnebernbaum.com

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