BVI Networks Delivers Industry's First Comprehensive In-Store Business Intelligence and Decision Support System for Retailers and Brand Manufacturers

RetailNEXT Takes Cost and Complexity out of In-Store Data Collection and Analysis

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - April 27, 2009) - BVI Networks, the industry's first provider of comprehensive in-store business intelligence and decision support systems, today unveiled its RetailNEXT product line and outlined the company's mission to deliver practical solutions that capture valuable data, and provide retailers and brand manufacturers with the ability to make strategic decisions based on actionable information.


-- BVI provides actionable in-store data that allows retailers and brand manufacturers to make much better decisions when it comes to staffing, merchandise placement, display programs and marketing spending.

-- In today's tight economy, a clear and accurate view of real-time store information, such as traffic patterns, dwell times and point-of-purchase activity is essential to maximizing profit per square foot. And yet, overwhelming majority of retailers have no ability to systematically analyze in-store data beyond Point-of-Sale transactions.

-- BVI Networks takes in-store analysis well beyond existing POS and video analytics systems enabling retailers and brand manufacturers to quickly identify problems and areas for improvement. The RetailNEXT data analysis platform is complemented by a unique set of video tools that enable detailed customer behavior analysis at a fraction of the cost of in-store observation studies.

-- With RetailNEXT, retailers can convert more walkthroughs into buyers with higher margin purchases, while maximizing real estate and staff efficiency. Until now, such data could only be found through consulting projects that only look at a snapshot in time.

-- The BVI RetailNEXT platform is unique in that it can seamlessly leverage technologies already deployed in retail environments, such as analytics, POS, RFID, CCTV, and staffing applications to provide a more complete solution that automatically collects, analyzes and visualizes dynamic data that retailers can act on immediately. To view a complete list of BVI RetailNEXT features and functionality, click here.


-- BVI Networks is led by an experienced management team consisting of former senior managers from Cisco, Oracle, Motorola, IBM, Juniper, Novell and Intel, as well as retail professionals with extensive background in operations, merchandising, asset protection and consumer packaged goods.


-- Better understand shopper behavior: "Given the importance of shopper marketing and the store itself as perhaps the most important marketing environment, a platform like BVI's RetailNEXT that enables marketers to truly understand shopper behavior throughout the store is critically important. Being able to create customer maps in each store so as to better optimize merchandising, along with the ability to measure and understand promotion effectiveness at the shelf level, is powerful and profitable information." - Gary Hawkins, CEO of Green Hills Supermarket and Hawkins Strategic Consulting. Author of Customer Intelligence and Building the Customer Specific Retail Enterprise.

-- "As retailers and manufacturers seek to more precisely fine-tune how they relate to shoppers, the biggest need is for solid data, analysis of that data and the skill to use it. BVI Networks is the state of the art solution to this need." - Richard Guha, President at Max Brand Equity, Chairman of Marketing Executive Networking Group. Formerly, marketing executive at Proctor and Gamble, Division Head at Mars, Inc., CMO at US West and BMC Software and President of Reliant Energy.

-- Improve operations: "BVI Networks' RetailNEXT system is a must-have tool for store operations in today's environment. It provides objective data that enables retailers to make much smarter staffing and store layout decisions which can ultimately save hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have seen name brand department stores spend anywhere from $200,000-$300,000 a month per store on re-spinning the floor. With a tool like RetailNEXT, stores can easily set up control environments and measure different store concepts before rolling them out. Until now, that flexibility has been unheard of." - Michael Anderson, VP of Field Services at Lifetouch. Formerly, SVP of Store Operations at Macy's, Regional Operations Director at Target.

-- "Successful retailers understand that by blending technology like BVI Networks with store operations, expenses can be reduced, sales can be increased and stores can take preemptive steps to improve customer service. Systems like these can provide a competitive advantage to retailers of any size." - Bart Butzer, Former Executive Vice President of Stores for Target Corporation, President of Mervyn's.

-- Improve the bottom line: "Data, whether in video, transaction or other entry form, is just data. However, after applying analytics, data becomes intelligence. And, intelligence is information for action. BVI Networks provides business intelligence for retailers to take immediate action to improve customer service, merchandising opportunities, loss prevention efficiencies and sales improvement and to have an extremely positive impact on the bottom line which flows directly to shareholder value." - King Rogers, retired Vice President, Assets Protection, Target Corporation, and currently co-founder and principal in the King Rogers Group, LLC.


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About BVI Networks

BVI Networks offers the only in-store business intelligence solution proven to deliver clear, actionable information and measurable ROI across multiple store departments within weeks of installation. The open RetailNEXT platform provides real-time and near real-time customer metrics that let retailers dramatically improve store execution and customer satisfaction by optimizing staffing, merchandise placement, and in-store advertisements. RetailNEXT also enables brand manufacturers to make much better product and marketing decisions and truly measure ROI on advertising investments. The BVI Networks team includes former senior managers from Cisco, Motorola, IBM, Juniper, Novell and Intel, as well as retail professionals with extensive backgrounds in operations, merchandising and asset protection. BVI Networks is rapidly establishing partnerships with leading in-store solution providers and is quickly expanding its customer base. Early customers include major big box retail chains, grocery stores, hardware stores and specialty retailers. BVI Networks is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit

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