Bosses Behaving Badly

Expert Says Happy Workers an Endangered Species

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwire - May 8, 2009) - Andrew O'Keeffe has traversed the cubicle jungle, and lived to tell the tale.

The author of the new novel, "The Boss" a May 2009 release from Greenleaf Press Book Group (, has worked in human resources and understands the impact managers have in the lives of their employees. The heroine in his book, Lauren Johnson, navigates her way through numerous encounters with bosses who behave badly with no regard for the havoc they wreak. Though a work of fiction, her experiences are based on true stories of insensitive executives who exhibit all the people skills of a pit bull.

"As bad bosses have gone forth and multiplied in the business world, the number of people who are getting any kind of professional satisfaction from their jobs has reduced dramatically," O'Keeffe said. "For most people, it's a question of survival."

O'Keeffe said it's all about power, and he suggests one telltale sign that you work in a negative power culture.

"What would a manager in your company have to do to be fired?" O'Keeffe asked. "In the best companies, managers are moved out of their roles if they don't serve their teams well or use their power inappropriately. But in most companies, unfortunately, managers are only fired if they fail in their business goals."

O'Keeffe said that the struggle that most people face when they work for a bad manager is trying to cling to their self-esteem and avoid sliding into helplessness and self-doubt.

"In a bad economy, it's more difficult to find a new job, so managers find that their power-base is increased and workers discover that they have little choice but to cater to the whims of their superiors," O'Keeffe said. "We need to learn how to lead effectively in business so that people don't have to choose between their income and their self-esteem. In a civilized society, we should be allowed to have both."

About Andrew O'Keeffe

Andrew O'Keeffe has been observing bosses for many years. He's worked for bosses, and he's been a boss. As a senior human resources executive, Andrew has worked closely with a range of bosses in diverse companies over his twenty-five year career. He was employed by an iconic computer company, a leading telecommunications company and a global professional services firm.

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