Learning Executive Think Tank Shares Successful Approaches to Communicating the Value of Learning

White Paper Addresses Skills Necessary for Learning Executives' Success

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2009) - Expertus (www.expertus.com) today announced the release of a white paper summarizing the discussion among a handful of learning leaders during the Learning Executive Think Tank's third virtual meeting. The white paper, "Top 5 Ways to Communicate the Value of Your Training Programs," is available at http://www.trainingefficiency.com (direct link: http://www.trainingefficiency.com/system/files/WP_5-Ways-to-Communicate-the-Value-of-Training-Programs.pdf).

Expertus, a global provider of services that optimize the business impact of learning, recently hosted a virtual roundtable to tackle the ongoing issue of learning organizations' communication skills and their importance in survival. The roundtable participants discussed the critical nature of successful implementation and execution of relevant training programs and how to communicate their value effectively.

According to the white paper, "In business, the bottom-line is still king -- and learning organizations must demonstrate how much they contribute to the revenue stream and help decrease costs."

The roundtable group, which included learning leaders from a wide swath of industries, outlined the importance of garnering advocates for learning among senior leaders. The group also discussed the best methods to reach out for this support. In addition, the attendees underscored the ways in which measurement is critical in communicating the importance and pertinence of training to core business objectives.

When asked, "In these uncertain times, what compelling messages and approaches are you using to convince executive management and your training customers about the value of your training programs?", the following are the top five findings:

-- Strategically Align Training to Business Objectives to Ensure its Value. Training programs that contribute to the company mission are deemed as valuable and relevant.

-- Learning Leaders and Programs Need to Speak the Language of Business. Training that addresses real business challenges receives attention and is deemed credible.

-- Learning Metrics are Key. You must measure... but more importantly... you must measure the impact on business.

-- Increase Training Value through Efficiency. Executives say they want efficiency; make sure efficiency translates into business impact.

-- Enlist Learning Champions. When senior leaders evangelize key business and learning initiatives throughout the organization, people pay attention.

Read the full report at http://www.trainingefficiency.com/system/files/WP_5-Ways-to-Communicate-the-Value-of-Training-Programs.pdf.

Four additional roundtable discussions are planned for 2009. To find the latest results from each roundtable discussion, visit http://www.TrainingEfficiency.com. To inquire about participating in a roundtable discussion, please contact Gordon Johnson at gordonj@expertus.com. For information on Expertus, please visit www.expertus.com or call Mike Murrell at 803-802-9971.

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