Hugh Jackman Brings "Wolverine" to Mexico City

Aussie Actor to Host "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" Premiere in Mexico City

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - May 22, 2009) - Hugh Jackman will be attending the long-awaited "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" premiere at Mexico's National Auditorium on May 26. Using Twitter, the actor announced, "I will bring 'Wolverine' to Mexico City on May 26 to provide a moment of fun escapism and a treat for some of the loyal fans of the comic."

"My thoughts and prayers have been with all of those that have suffered directly or indirectly from the swine flu in Mexico," he added.

Film distributor 20th Century Fox postponed the superhero prequel's premiere in Mexico earlier this month amid the H1N1 virus scare. In a public statement following the cancelation, Jackman confirmed the premiere would be rescheduled.

After a brief government-mandated shutdown, cinemas, businesses, schools and other public venues have reopened. The U.S. government lifted its advisory against nonessential travel to Mexico last week.

"The Department of State wishes to inform U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Mexico that on May 15, 2009, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifted its recommendation that American citizens avoid all nonessential travel to Mexico," the department said in an advisory.

"As a result of the CDC's decision, the State Department's Travel Alert relating to the 2009-H1N1 influenza outbreak is no longer in effect," the statement continued.

The postponement of Mexico's May 1 release did not seem to harm the movie's global debut, which brought in $160 million.

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