Red Condor Beats Barracuda in Anti-Spam Appliance Comparison

Report Finds Red Condor's Appliance Detected a Higher Percentage of Spam With up to 90% Fewer False Positives Than Barracuda Spam Firewall 300

ROHNERT PARK, CA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - In a recent head-to-head anti-spam effectiveness and feature comparison test, The Tolly Group found that the Red Condor Message Assurance Gateway 2700 (MAG2700) detected a higher percentage of spam with up to 90 percent fewer false positives than Barracuda's Spam Firewall 300. The third-party evaluation reported the MAG2700 device detected 99.991 percent of spam while Barracuda's spam block rate was 99.961 percent. Red Condor's hybrid MAG systems do not require filter tuning or ongoing administration, and they feature the company's exclusive Vx Technology™ which combines the on-premise appliance with Red Condor's Hosted Service for load sharing and fail-safe redundancy.

During the week-long test, the MAG2700 generated one false positive in more than 190,700 inbound messages, compared with one in every 6,720 emails for Barracuda's device. Of the 762,962 emails processed using Red Condor's MAG appliance, 72 spam messages were misclassified as legitimate messages while Barracuda missed 101 spam messages out of 262,088 total emails. The Tolly Group's report summarized that in addition to providing better performance, "Red Condor's full feature set is available on all models while Barracuda limits the features included in its lower-end models."

"The results of The Tolly Group's test speak volumes about the effectiveness of our solution compared with one of the industry's perceived leaders," said Dr. Thomas Steding, president and chief executive officer of Red Condor. "Our proprietary anti-spam technology was built to perform better than other solutions, many of which use commonly available spam engines and spam blacklists. As The Tolly Group report suggests, the combination of our performance, near-zero maintenance administration and management requirements, and feature set, including our hybrid 'cloud-based plus on premise' product feature, delivers an affordable, powerful and easy-to-use anti-spam solution for all-size organizations."

Testing was conducted in accordance with the Tolly Common RFP #1058 "Anti-Spam Gateway v1.0." See for more details. Both appliances were configured behind the corporate firewall and quarantine features were enabled. The LDAP query feature in each solution was used to run recipient verification on The Tolly Group's Active Directory server and each system was reset to factory settings prior to testing. Both platforms were tested using a live e-mail stream of messages, and all inbound email messages were scanned for possible spam.

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Red Condor is revolutionizing spam fighting with its next generation technology. Red Condor's highly accurate email filter, hybrid architecture Vx Technology™, and fully managed appliances lead to a dramatic reduction in the cost of owning a premium spam filter. With solutions for small business, as well as ISPs with millions of email inboxes, Red Condor has a cost-effective, time-saving solution that is rapidly gaining market share. The system's design has built-in zero tolerance for lost email, and a near zero false-positive rate while achieving long-term spam block rates greater than 99%. This next-generation technology is backed by a 24x7 customer care center staffed by email security experts at Red Condor's headquarters. For more information, visit

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