Top Performing Vendors in Transportation Management Revealed

Aberdeen's AXIS(TM) Provides Insight Into Value Delivered and Market Readiness of Leading Transportation Solutions for 2009

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2009) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), announced today the top performing vendor rankings in its Transportation Management Systems (TMS) AXIS™ Report. Aberdeen's AXIS™ is a report that provides a competitive intelligence perspective that allows organizations insight into the technology providers that helped leading companies achieve superior performance. The research showcases which vendors enabled client success based on the value delivered and the ability of the vendor to support and service its clientele. According to John Pearson, VP Competitor Intelligence Products for Aberdeen, "The 28-page vendor assessment is based on two key dimensions: first, Aberdeen aggregated top performance of companies in the target marketplace based on 990 primary surveys conducted typically over the past eighteen months; and second, Aberdeen conducts a vendor readiness assessment which includes evaluation of responses to a standardized vendor questionnaire, analyst briefings, public records and customer interviews."

The Transportation Management Systems (TMS) AXIS™ Report, authored by Nari Viswanathan, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Aberdeen, and his Supply Chain Execution team, found that an increasing number of companies are making resources and budget available to determine what tools are available to help bring better visibility and control of transportation business processes. "Reducing transportation costs while simultaneously ensuring that the business goals of the organization like customer service levels and inventory turns are met is the goal of Transportation Management. A Transportation Management System (TMS) is a complex category of software application with significant number of players with varying levels of maturity," says Viswanathan. He explains, "The goal of Aberdeen's AXIS report on TMS is to educate the end users on the different solution providers and how they help companies better control and reduce their transportation expenses, in spite of the rising costs associated with fuel and other charges." According to Aberdeen's findings after evaluating 17 TMS vendors, the solution providers offering the best combined Value Delivered and Market Readiness scores include: i2, Sterling Commerce, JDA, RedPrairie and SAP.

Aberdeen Group's President Andrew Boyd reports that AXIS™ was developed in response to requests from Aberdeen's 2.5+ million business readers spanning 40 countries, including representation from 90% of the Fortune 1000. "Aberdeen's mission is clear as we take yet another step to educate businesses to action by providing them with relevant and timely information to make more informed decisions, understand efficient and effective ways of accomplishing a task, and maximize their ability to gain competitive ground," according to Boyd. "With AXIS™, Aberdeen provides a competitive intelligence perspective that allows organizations to understand their peers' experience with various service and product providers, and to determine which are best positioned to help them achieve their goals."

According to Lauren McCollem, Director of Marketing for Dimensional Insight, "The approach that Aberdeen has taken here is truly unique and exceptionally valuable to the marketplace." With this new research in hand, technology solution providers will be able to refresh their product roadmaps to reflect market successes and business user demands, and educate their market on how solutions impact customers' business results.

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