"Twilight's" Michael Welch Serves Up the Ultimate Online Musical Experience for Allergan's Aczone Prescription Acne Medication: www.AczoneTheMusical.com

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - July 15, 2009) - Once in a while something comes along that is so fresh, such a bold step forward, that it's a complete game changer. On the surface, www.aczonethemusical.com leverages the success of High School Musical or Spring Awakening, but that's where the similarities end. To start, www.aczonethemusical.com is an exceptional mix of originally produced glam rock with dazzling motion graphics and first-class choreography. The casting is a pitch-perfect fusion of all the classic high school archetypes: The Sympathetic Nerd, The New Girl, the Queen Bee, the Bubble-headed Cheerleader, the Bad Boy, the Jock, and the shy little Book Worm but with a modern sensibility custom-crafted for today's teen audience.

In the words of the Dimitri Falk, CCO of iNDELIBLE: "A witty musical felt like the perfect way to stand out in a crowded market of acne medications in a way teens could relate to. Teenagers are extremely savvy and spend a majority of their time online. They demand something bold and original to hold their attention. Fortunately, I think we more than achieved our goal."

"ACZONE: THE MUSICAL": is driven by three interrelated stories -- all relatable to the teen market. The school's Queen Bee and her minions makeover the new girl leading to unexpected consequences involving the school jock and the sympathetic nerd; the spunky cheerleader pulls a Cyrano de Bergerac by having the shy book worm write her love letters to the school's bad boy; and lastly, the sympathetic nerd builds a robot called "Lovebot" that can calculate love with absolute certainty that he uses to help woo the girl of his dreams.

"ACZONE: THE MUSICAL" is backed up by a full-scale marketing campaign featuring rising star Michael Welch of "Twilight." In addition to being the centerpiece of the musical itself, he will also promote the musical at various red carpet events, high-profile exclusive interviews, and user-generated contests. The campaign will reach a broader audience by partnering with pop-culture, music and teen-empowered community sites complemented by a robust social media campaign.

The videos are viewed in a fully interactive website, complete with a 'Backstage Area' boasting free music downloads, games and a look behind the scenes of the production.

Download Aczone screenshots, images, video and music at: www.indelible.tv/dev/ACZONEPRESS

Contact Information: Contact: Johnny Royal 323-825-4499