Dazzboard Syncs Palm Pre to iTunes in Response to Apple Strong-Arm Move

New Web 2.0 Mobile Device Manager Brings Back Connection After Apple Blocks Palm Users From Accessing Their Media on iTunes

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - July 17, 2009) - Dazzboard, the first universal media management webtop application that streamlines user data between online and portable devices, now makes it possible for Palm Pre users to connect to their iTunes with ease, allowing the Palm Pre once again to act like an iPod. Dazzboard, with instant device recognition technology, can connect users' portable devices -- including the Palm Pre -- not only to iTunes, but also to the photos, images and video they have on multiple computers and social media networks.

On Dazzboard.com, users can simply drag and drop their tracks (playlist compatibility coming soon) from iTunes straight onto a Palm Pre, or upload vacation photos directly from a digital camera to Flickr, for example, without installing a single proprietary device application.

Dazzboard Features include:

--  Plug and Play transfer instantly, from iTunes to Palm Pre to laptop to
    digital frames to... toasters, and back again!
--  No Desktop Application; no need for proprietary software for
    connecting a phone, media player or any portable device again.
--  Many devices, one webtop application, auto recognition of all major
    portable devices, including Palm Pre.
--  One-Click Distribution to favorite sites, including Flickr, Facebook,
    YouTube, Twitter and more.
--  High Quality of all media, from HD Video to high resolution Photos and
    quality MP3s, with no limits on transfer size.

"We feel it is very unfair of Apple to penalize Palm Pre and its growing community, and we hope our free application will provide a solution for users who are now left out in the cold due to Apple's decision," commented CEO Tero Salonen. "Our new open platform provides a huge advantage for Palm Pre users, allowing them to access not only their iTunes music files, but also a wide array of additional media, including photos, videos and other data."

Dazzboard currently supports Windows XP, Vista and 7, Internet Explorer version 6 (XP only), 7 and 8, as well as Firefox 3.0. In the near future, Dazzboard will be compatible with Mac OS. The company also intends to release APIs for developers to integrate Dazzboard technology for external websites and develop add-ons to utilize the device connection.

About Dazzboard

Dazzboard is the ultimate social media webtop, providing users with seamless point-and-click connectivity to photos, music, videos and the Internet. Requiring no desktop application and eliminating the need for installing proprietary software for each and every portable device, Dazzboard provides an elegant web 2.0 solution to universal media management. Dazzboard is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, visit www.Dazzboard.com.