Corra Group Sees Growth in the Healthcare Industry

LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corra Group has seen steady recruiting in the healthcare industry. Despite the hiring freezes and even the layoffs at hospitals, Corra Group reports certain healthcare-related clients are still staffing for their respective sectors.

"Corra Group is a specialist in the healthcare sector and is providing pre-employment background checks that meet or surpass the compliance mandates of the industry," said Nick Gustavson, Co-Founder of the Corra Group. "We can service large facilities, such as hospitals, or boutique staffing agencies that recruit everything from nurses and therapists to home care service personnel."

Greg Donnelly, Owner of First Select Enterprises, a healthcare staffing agency in Cleveland, Ohio, sees healthcare as a growth industry. "As the country's population continues to age, there will be an increased need for more healthcare workers," he said.

"The fact is there are not enough younger people to fill the healthcare positions. Even now, we are staffing nurses from offshore. This trend will continue well into the future," Donnelly continued.

Paschal Duru, President of Synergy Staffing, a healthcare staffing service in the San Francisco Bay area, saw a slowdown in the healthcare industry, but thought it was only a temporary condition.

"Hospitals may be holding back because of the recession, but many employers are still hiring," he said. "Maybe not at the pace they were doing, but it's still a strong hiring market. I think we will see a strong resurgence by the spring of next year."

"More than 16 million people are working in healthcare," added Gustavson. "Since the Recession, more college students are looking at the healthcare industry as a viable alternative to Wall Street and media."

He noted that with more college students switching their majors to healthcare, recruiters will ultimately have better choices and access to more qualified talent from a deeper pool of applicants. "Right now, it is cool to be studying healthcare," he said.

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