Beverly Hills Attorney Patrick Gorman Goes Global With Social Media

Patrick J. Gorman Has Made His Mark Using New Media

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 28, 2009) - Luthier PR -- Patrick J. Gorman has been practicing law in Beverly Hills, California for almost 15 years. His clients have included large corporations, entrepreneurs, film financiers and producers, film and television directors, screenwriters, actors, and recording artists. He has been involved in hundreds of motion pictures.

Over the years he has traveled the world pursuing his clients' interests from the far reaches of the Gobi Desert in western China to the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival. "In the history of my law practice, nothing has proven to be as exciting as the latest social media tools that are available online. Social Media makes international dealings a breeze."

Using to network with professionals throughout the world with whom he shares objectives, to keep collaborators informed of his activities and Skype to conduct international conference calls, Gorman has coordinated complicated multinational deals from his desk. When he does leave his desk, his iPhone takes the place of his desktop.

"Encounter in Shanghai," a recently-completed television program on which Gorman was an Executive Producer, was shot in Shanghai and involved American producers in collaboration with Ferrari in Italy and their China / Asia-Pacific offices, Ferrari's attorneys in Switzerland, Nokia in the UK and Finland, Chinese producers, and the Chinese government at various levels. Gorman estimates that social media tools cut the development, production and delivery time in half by streamlining the communication among everyone involved every step of the way.

In addition to benefiting from the ease of international communication, Gorman is creating new opportunities for his clients by tapping into international social media networks. One recent success story involves an Australian film producer client for whom he accessed additional international financing by using He was able to connect producers in the United Kingdom and Greece for the feature film that will shoot in Australia, the United Kingdom and France.

Gorman's fluency in the latest Internet resources has allowed him to further expand his practice globally and increase his clients' revenue without leaving his office in Beverly Hills.

"Now when I'm sitting at my desk I feel like I'm the NORAD command center. I used to fear those social media tools, but now I embrace them with vigor!"

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