Dazzboard Expands Webtop and Portable Content Access With iGoogle Gadget

Gadget Brings Universal Device Management to the Ever-Popular Search Engine

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - August 6, 2009) - Dazzboard, the ultimate social media webtop, today expanded its online services with the release of an iGoogle gadget. Like dazzboard.com, this new release allows users to push and pull data instantly between any portable device and a PC, or to move content directly from a device onto the social media Web with drag-and-drop ease. Additionally, the gadget brings users' devices and content onto the iGoogle platform, allowing them to directly alter their content by implementing the wide array of tools Google's personalized homepage offers.

As a tool geared towards simplifying users' portable device management and allowing for easy content updates across varied social media accounts, expanding Dazzboard to one of the most popular platform providers, Google, is a logical step. By offering Dazzboard on different platforms, the company give users more options for simplifying their device and content management.

"Continuing in the spirit of our 'Open iTunes' approach to universal device management, extending our services to Google users creates more options for managing devices and content through a webtop," commented CEO Tero Salonen. "If users are accustomed to using iGoogle, they don't have to change over to dazzboard.com to use the service -- the service is coming to them."

The Dazzboard iGoogle gadget runs on the Universal Media Management API, an API developed for the fast integration of webtop device management and portable content access on social networks.

Features Include

Dazzboard Gadget

--  Content preview for photos, audio and video available right on your
--  Content upload / download between device, PC, Facebook, Flickr and
--  Easy device-to-device drag and drop media transfer


--  Share your photos and video clips in Facebook -- upload directly in
    full quality
--  Browse, preview and download your and your friends' photos


--  Search for any video available in YouTube and download to PC or mobile
--  Three default lists: Top rated, Most viewed, Most recent
--  Browse, preview and download videos from your own account
--  Upload videos directly from your mobile phone


--  Lists most interesting photos in Flickr, browse and download to PC and
    portable device
--  Photo upload from computer or any mobile device
--  Browse and preview your own photostream

Dazzboard currently supports Windows XP, Vista and 7, Internet Explorer version 6 (XP only), 7 and 8, as well as Firefox 3.X. In the near future, Dazzboard will be compatible with Google Chrome and Mac OS. The company also intends to release APIs for developers to integrate Dazzboard technology for external websites and develop add-ons to utilize the device connection.

For information, contact Jessica Hasson at jessica@dazzboard.com.

About Dazzboard

Dazzboard is the ultimate social media webtop, providing users with seamless point-and-click connectivity to photos, music, videos and the Internet. Requiring no desktop application and eliminating the need for installing proprietary software for each and every portable device, dazzboard provides an elegant web 2.0 solution to universal media management. Dazzboard is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, visit www.dazzboard.com.

Contact Information: Contact: Dazzboard Jessica Hasson 323-710-3556 jessica@dazzboard.com