Let EmbroidMe Help Schedule Your Future Promotions: Brand Your Image on Customers' Walls for 12 Months

Now Is the Time to Order Custom Calendars for 2010

WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - August 17, 2009) - Calendars are not just for writing appointments on anymore, it's a great way to get your brand noticed. Ninety-eight percent of all homes have at least one calendar; they can be found in the kitchen, next to the phone, in the bedroom, on the fridge, in a purse or wallet, in the garage or in the computer room. At work, they are on a mouse pad, a wall, the weekly planner and the list goes on! There is no better way for you to obtain customized promotional calendars than with the expertise of EmbroidMe.

"Many people do not recognize the value of promotional products, however calendars, specifically, provide a high impression value at a low cost," said Christine Marion, MAS at EmbroidMe. "Calendars create the lasting impression for your brand throughout the whole year," states Marion.

The average calendar is viewed 12 to 14 times per day! Furthermore, 58% of ALL promotional calendars are used for more than six months. Your message is in front of everyone who views the calendar; that can happen 3 to 20 times everyday, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It doesn't get much better than that!

The high-impression, low-cost ratio doesn't stop with views. In a recent study, 84% of respondents were able to identify the advertiser who sent the calendar, and 62% indicated they had done business with the advertiser after receiving the item.

"We are constantly creating ways to help businesses grow and build their brand, while making a lasting impression. With thousands of options to choose from at EmbroidMe, it has never been more convenient, cost effective and environmentally conscious to put your company's name out there," states Marion.

EmbroidMe, Inc., the world's largest embroidery and screen printing franchise, offers more than 800,000 promotional and apparel products. Whether choosing embroidered apparel, client gifts, incentive awards or employee prizes, EmbroidMe can assist with creating the perfect product.

About EmbroidMe:

With more than 450 retail locations worldwide, EmbroidMe provides full-service custom embroidery and screen printing for apparel, as well as promotional products and gifts to both the private and commercial segments of the business community. To locate the store nearest you, visit http://www.embroidme.com and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/embroidme.

Contact Information: Contact: Christine Marion MAS cmarion@ufgcorp.com P: 866.370.2120