Kratos Releases Version 2.0 of dopplerVUE Network Management Solution

Enhanced Customization and Visualization Features Provide Added Flexibility for Monitoring Blended, Distributed and Enterprise Networks

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 6, 2009) - Kratos (NASDAQ: KTOS) announces the release of dopplerVUE® 2.0, the network and IT monitoring software product that brings enterprise-grade functionality to networks of any size. Enhancements in the new release deliver increased flexibility and visual clarity that allow network managers to easily customize how they manage the unique needs and make-up of their organization. dopplerVUE 2.0 also features architectural enhancements that support robust management of distributed and larger networks.

dopplerVUE is a core management solution that helps network professionals better pinpoint, troubleshoot and pre-empt network problem areas in service delivery, bandwidth management and network uptime. It integrates fault and performance monitoring with automated discovery and mapping across network devices, servers and services presenting a single, comprehensive real-time window into the network without the need for add-ons or additional modules.

"From the beginning, our idea behind dopplerVUE was to take capabilities that were only available in high-priced enterprise solutions and bring them to networks of any size," said Mike Smith, General Manager of Kratos Network Management Solutions. "Enterprise grade power includes robustness and the flexibility to manage your network your way, and those are two areas we focused on in this release including a new interface that provides a higher level of visualization and clarity than ever before."

Striking user interface & visualization

dopplerVUE 2.0 features an intuitive interface and engaging display tools set against a high-contrast background for better readability. Users can customize dashboards with a variety of intelligent visualization tools such as maps, charts and gauges that present network status and performance information with at-a-glance clarity. Auto-updating maps are now clearer than ever, including the ability to quickly shift between multiple real-time maps, dashboards, windows, tabbed panels and split-screen displays that are available simultaneously without waiting for them to reload.

The new interface exhibits an important part of dopplerVUE's overall flexibility. Rather than being locked into canned views, users can create an unlimited number of tailored desktops and dashboards that show precisely -- and only -- the data and charts they want. For example, a managed service provider might choose to create multiple views of the specific infrastructure supporting high-value clients. Access to these views is easy to control, and they complement the many out-of-the-box visuals that come preconfigured in dopplerVUE.

"Customer feedback of 2.0's interface and graphics has been remarkable," commented Smith. "For data intensive applications like network monitoring and management, you need the complementary combination of both an exceptional front-end display and strong back end data collection. dopplerVUE has both."

Enhanced Flexibility in Data Management

dopplerVUE specializes in integrating multiple management data types into a single view -- including SNMP, SNMP traps, ICMP, WMI, Windows Event Logs, NetFlow, IPSLA and more -- giving managers granular control over how they can use that data to craft rules and alerts. Version 2.0 extends that capability with enhanced custom SNMP polling that gives network professionals additional fine-tuning to selectively collect the data that is relevant to them. New features include the ability to poll for scalar MIB values outside of standard tables. For example, users can now actively poll for metrics such as "Power Usage," not just passively view the data. Additionally, dopplerVUE can consolidate security management data, combining IDS, IPS and firewall syslog messages into a single view to make monitoring more inclusive. Also in 2.0 are new WMI wizards that make it easier to track application performance and application log events, as well as new templates that simplify the set up and creation of personal workspaces.

"dopplerVUE's flexibility was the key for us," said Caleb Yaryan, Chief Technology Officer at Certified Cyber Solutions (CCS), a maker of networked "smart home" solutions. "The ability to customize rules and dashboards for particular customers and usage scenarios is outstanding. Even more important for us is the control dopplerVUE gives us over the breadth of data we can collect, monitor, integrate and display. In our business we manage traditional network equipment and servers, of course, but also security systems, power management and system integration devices that are connected via the network. dopplerVUE gives us the ability to monitor it all in a unified way."

Support for distributed networks and growing organizations

dopplerVUE now supports distributed polling, enabling greater continuity of operations (COOP) and redundancy for mission-critical enterprise networks, campus environments and geographically dispersed operations.

dopplerVUE 2.0 now integrates seamlessly with its sister product, NeuralStar, a centrally monitored platform to tie together multiple polling systems. Used in conjunction with dopplerVUE, NeuralStar is an enterprise network manager that consolidates distributed data into a single command-and-control view, as well as monitoring and integrating data from non-SNMP based devices. NeuralStar is used in some of the largest, most complex mission critical networks, including the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), overseen by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), as well as companies such as BNSF Railroad and Cincinnati Bell. doppleVUE's new interface is mirrored in NeuralStar to give a common look and feel across both products.

Also in release 2.0 are architectural enhancement that allow dopplerVUE to increase its efficiency in server and bandwidth usage, placing even few demands on system performance. All users, especially in larger implementations, will be able to do more with dopplerVUE on a smaller infrastructure and server footprint.

dopplerVUE runs in all Microsoft Windows, with release 2.0 now supporting Windows 64 bit systems and Windows 7.

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About dopplerVUE®

dopplerVUE™ is an easy-to-use management solution that delivers power and flexibility once available only in enterprise-grade products, especially in increasingly complex, changing environments that include net-centered applications like e-mail and VoIP, mission-critical websites, wi-fi, remote office subnets and more dopplerVUE uses built-in collectors to automate network discovery, polling and collecting data across the network, keeping network maps and inventory refreshed and updated.

The unique architecture that allows dopplerVUE to customize data collection and data display is being recognized by hardware and software manufacturers who need a flexible uptime monitoring, diagnosis and compliance component for their hardware and software.

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Kratos Network and Security Solutions is the division of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS), specializing in products and services that help large and small organizations better manage their network-centered operations. Flagship products include NeuralStar, an enterprise management platform that integrates data across distributed networks for strategic command and control, and dopplerVUE, an easy to use tactical network monitoring and management tool that brings enterprise-grade features to networks of any size. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions provides information technology, cybersecurity, engineering, workforce performance, defense and public safety solutions to the U.S. federal government, commercial enterprises and state and local agencies. News and information are available at

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