2009 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards Presented by the CDMA Development Group

Annual Awards Recognize Individuals and Companies for Excellence in Deploying Advanced 3G CDMA Networks, Products and Services

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 11, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) (www.cdg.org) today announced the recipients of the 2009 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards, presented on November 10 at a reception during the 2009 3G CDMA Americas Regional Conference in San Diego. The awards recognize individuals and companies for excellence in deploying advanced CDMA2000(R) networks, products and services.

"We've seen a tremendous amount of innovation this year within the 3G CDMA industry, both in the consumer and enterprise spaces," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "3G continues to expand rapidly, enabling new capabilities and opportunities for communication and commerce. Recipients of this year's Industry Achievement Awards are leading the way in an increasingly competitive wireless ecosystem, and we look forward to tracking their continued successes in 2010."

This year's 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award recipients are:

 --  Industry Leadership: Fran O'Brien, Technology Director, Wireless
     Standards Development and Industry Relations, Alcatel-Lucent
     -    Given to the individual who has provided the most dynamic
          leadership in 3G industry activities, including
          contributions to standards development and the growth and
          evolution of 3G CDMA technologies.
     -    Awarded for his significant contributions to the CDMA
          industry while leading Alcatel-Lucent's standards
          engineering efforts, global spectrum policy development and
          industry relations for the past 15 years.

 --  Operator Leadership: China Telecommunications
     -    Given to the operator that has demonstrated leadership in
          the wireless community through the expansion of 3G CDMA
          system deployments and/or the unique implementation of 3G
          CDMA technologies in a specific market.
     -    Since launching 3G EV-DO Rev. A mobile broadband services at
          the beginning of 2009, China Telecom has extended its
          CDMA2000 network to more than 500 cities nationwide and is
          the leading 3G operator in China. With a selection of 566
          devices from over 160 suppliers, China Telecom's handset
          sales have increased by 200% in 2009. China Telecom is now
          serving more than 48 million CDMA2000 subscribers, an
          increase of 20 million new users within the past 9 months.

 --  Operator Leadership: Verizon Wireless
     -    Given to the operator that has demonstrated leadership in
          the wireless community through the expansion of 3G CDMA
          system deployments and/or the unique implementation of 3G
          CDMA technologies in a specific market.
     -    Verizon's contributions to industry-wide device efforts have
          had a positive impact on all operators and vendors
          worldwide. Most notably, Verizon's Open Development
          Initiative (ODI) has encouraged innovators and developers
          from around the world to design, produce and market new
          products and services that leverage the 'open' interaction
          between the device radio and Verizon Wireless' network. This
          strategically important initiative has led to a large
          selection of CDMA2000 devices.

 --  Subscriber Technology Innovation: Airvana
     -    Given to the company that has demonstrated innovative
          thinking in terms of services supported and terminal design.
          Resulting products take advantage of the inherent benefits
          and latest technological developments of 3G CDMA.
     -    Airvana's HubBub CDMA2000 femtocell provides enterprises and
          consumers with the ability to consolidate all of their office
          and home telephony and broadband Internet access services with 
          a single preferred mobile service provider. Not only are
          Airvana's femtocells providing improved 3G CDMA coverage and
          capacity, they are becoming the central point of integrated
          telecommunications within the office or household through
          its integrated router and telephony services.

 --  Network Technology Innovation: Alcatel-Lucent
     -    Given to the company that has introduced network
          capabilities that allow 3G CDMA operators flexible and
          cost-effective solutions for implementing advanced features
          and an easy evolution path to future network enhancements.
     -    Alcatel-Lucent has played a lead role in the standardization
          of enhanced High-Rate Packet Data (eHRPD), known
          commercially as the enhanced EV-DO core and radio network.
          By March 2009, all 3GPP2 eHRPD standards were essentially
          completed, 15 months from when the proposed standard was
          introduced to 3GPP2. This aggressive timeline was
          accomplished largely due to the technological expertise and
          effective shepherding conducted by Alcatel-Lucent.
          Alcatel-Lucent provided the editorship and leadership in
          drafting the major core network document, X.S0057, the radio
          document, C.S0087, and the radio access network (RAN)
          interface document, A.S0022.

For the sixth year, the CDG is pleased to partner with Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) on awards that recognize excellence in the development of consumer entertainment services and applications.

 --  Innovation in Consumer Entertainment Services: KDDI
     -    Given to the operator that has leveraged the capabilities of
          3G CDMA to introduce a broad array of innovative and
          appealing consumer entertainment services (music, games,
          mobile TV, social networking, etc.) to the market.
     -    Launched by KDDI in 2008, "au Smart Sports" is a combination
          of innovative mobile device capabilities, such as the 3-axis
          motion sensor and GPS-enabled geopositioning, and enhanced
          server capabilities, including healthcare-relevant
          applications and customer record storage. By wearing an "au
          Smart Sports"-enabled device, customers can measure the
          number of steps made while running or walking, estimate
          calorie consumption, record heart rate, etc. Measured data
          is wirelessly uploaded to a storage server and shared
          through PC access.

 --  Innovation in Consumer Entertainment Services Development: IREX
     -    Given to the application developer or content provider that
          has developed innovative and appealing entertainment
          applications or services.
     -    The IREX Digital Reader DR800SG features an 8.1-inch stylus
          touchscreen and high-speed access to an enormous selection
          of digital books and other titles from Barnes & Noble's
          ebook store via EV-DO broadband data connectivity. The
          device has 2GB of memory to store up to 1,500 books, which
          can be purchased over-the-air along with newspapers and
          magazines from a wide variety of sources. In addition, IREX
          supports multiple formats, including the industry standard
          ePub display format and multiple digital rights management
          (DRM) solutions, rather than a single, "closed" proprietary
          format that locks content to a specific device.

The CDG is pleased to partner with RCR Wireless News on awards that recognize excellence in the development of services and applications for the enterprise sector, and for solutions that provide notable social and economic benefits. This is the first year for the Wireless Social and Economic Solutions Development award, an acknowledgement of the impact mobile services and applications are having on people across the globe.

 --  Innovation in Wireless Enterprise Solutions Development: AirWalk
     Communications, for EdgePoint PRO Enterprise Femtocell
     -    Given to the company that has leveraged the capabilities of
          the 3G CDMA wireless medium to offer innovative mobile
          applications that enable companies to streamline their
          operations, increase worker productivity and achieve a
          compelling return on their investments.
     -    The debut of Airwalk's EdgePoint PRO in early 2009
          introduced the wireless industry to a new product segment:
          enterprise femtocells. Enterprise users often experience low
          RF coverage in buildings, peak time capacity issues and a
          lack of mobility throughout the office. The EdgePoint PRO is
          a compact cellular access point which provides premier
          cellular service inside office buildings, allowing operators
          to deliver a reliable and affordable solution to expand
          their CDMA2000 network, capture the growing enterprise
          market segment and increase their revenues.

 --  Innovation in Wireless Social and Economic Solutions Development:
     Reliance Communications
     -    Given to the business, infrastructure, device or application
          developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA
          wireless medium to offer innovative mobile services that
          improve the social and/or economic well-being or advancement
          of people, communities or target segments. Qualifications
          include enhanced user interface, positive impact, breadth of
          applicability, scalability, uniqueness and sustainability.
     -    Together with Reliance Communications, Reliance Energy
          deployed CDMA2000-enabled Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
          modems across Mumbai to automatically and remotely read
          electrical power meters from a central location. Developed
          in-house, these modems are installed at the customers'
          premises and then verified through remote software to check
          the connectivity with the remote server. A forward and
          backward integration of the AMR server with existing
          platforms was developed to provide a highly-efficient
          end-to-end solution for billing, analyzing the load on the
          grid, logging critical parameters and checking for meter
          tampering. This has resulted in reducing billing and
          accounting errors, leading to consumer satisfaction in this
          challenging emerging market.

The awards nomination process was open to the general public through the CDG Web site. Final selection of the industry award winners was made by senior CDG executive members as well as representatives of industry associations and the trade media community.

Photos from the awards ceremony are available by contacting the CDG News Bureau at +1 858-735-8748.

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