Bay Area Can 'Breathe Easy' as GSC Logistics Aggressively Targets Fleet Exhaust Fumes

OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2009) - As part of its 'go green' efforts, GSC Logistics, Inc., (GSC) the industry's forward-thinking logistics provider, has retrofitted its entire fleet to ensure that the lowest levels possible of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions enter the atmosphere in the Greater Bay Area.

"For GSC, protecting the environment is not just a company initiative, it is our responsibility as members of the community to work toward reversing the threats of pollution and climate change," said Andy Garcia, chairman and executive vice president of GSC Logistics. "Over the past year, we have upgraded our fleet, and are also working closely with third-party fleet owners -- who seasonally partner with GSC -- to ensure that they're also doing their part to help protect the environment and are compliant with the California Air Resources Board regulations."

A typical 'dirty' truck generates about 0.10 grams per mile of Diesel Particular Matter (DPM). GSC's trucks -- ranging from 140 to 165 depending on the season -- generate 85 percent less DPM per mile. This means that, based on 140 trucks traveling 10,672,000 miles per year, GSC is helping to remove a minimum of 1,511,920 grams of DPM from the Port of Oakland, the City of Oakland, and the San Francisco Bay Area each year. This puts GSC in complete compliance with the January 1, 2010 California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission regulations, and marks another milestone in the company's journey as one of the region's most reliable carriers.

About GSC Logistics, Inc.

GSC Logistics, headquartered at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, Calif., provides high quality, third-party logistics services and operates a state-of-the-art hub for deconsolidation, transloading and consolidation, as well as just-in-time transportation services for the Greater Bay Area and northern California region. GSC's facility also features dynamic technology systems to enable connectivity, communication, management, and process control of cargo, as well as to provide customers with the robust visibility they need to operate their businesses effectively. GSC Logistics has a known reputation for employing the "best" people and offering the "best" services provided at the "best" port for any logistical challenge. More information about GSC Logistics can be found on the company's web site at

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