Embark on a Taste Journey With Ardmore(R) Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the World's Leading Spirits Authorities

With Launch of Innovative "Taste Journey," Scotch Fans Can Transform Personal Tasting Notes Into 3-D Flavor Spectrum

DEERFIELD, IL--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - Ardmore® Traditional Cask revolutionizes the classic art of whisky tasting into a cutting-edge online experience with the debut of the Ardmore Taste Journey. Launching this fall on www.ArdmoreWhisky.com, the Ardmore Taste Journey invites whisky enthusiasts across the country to transform their personal tasting notes into a 3-D flavor spectrum that charts their individual whisky experience. Whisky enthusiasts can track their journey while instantly comparing preferences with the nation's leading spirits authorities and identifying like-minded explorers.

"Tasting single malt whisky is a personal experience," said Simon Brooking, Scotch Malt Master Ambassador. "Whether you're a longtime Scotch aficionado or just a spirits explorer, the Ardmore Taste Journey celebrates individuals' personal experiences and invites whisky enthusiasts to track their tasting journey through the world of Scottish malts, starting with Ardmore -- the only Highland malt whisky to be 100 percent peated since its inception in 1898."

Beginning with Ardmore Traditional Cask, whisky enthusiasts are invited to embark on the journey this fall at www.ArdmoreWhisky.com. Tasting notes ranging from fruity to floral and rich to light will be translated into a 3-D flavor spectrum allowing participants' to instantly chart their experience and compare their journeys with other whisky enthusiasts. Responses will be cross-referenced with other whisky lovers, allowing participants to connect with like-minded aficionados and compare their tastes with noted spirits experts including:

-- Christopher Null, Drinkhacker.com

-- Noah Rothbaum, Liquor.com

-- Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist

-- Jack Robertiello, Drinks Ink

-- Mark Gillespie, WhiskyCast

-- Jeffrey Karlovitch, Whisky Life

"Tasting a complex spirit like Scotch whisky can be intimidating," said Brooking. "We've learned that some spirits enthusiasts want to emerge from the entry-level Scotches, but they lack the guidance to do so confidently. The Ardmore Taste Journey application is like a personal tutor, showcasing the wide spectrum of tastes and experiences."

Crafted from the only Highland distillery that consistently peats its barley, Ardmore weaves bold, smoky flavor notes historically associated with Islay malts into the rich Highland malt experience. The full-bodied smoothness of Ardmore can be appreciated best at a bottling strength of 92 proof, but also is enjoyed with water or over ice. The finish is full, succulent and long. Priced at approximately $45-50 per 750ml bottle (varies by market) Ardmore Traditional Cask is a luxury spirit for those who appreciate the qualities of extraordinary whisky. For another step in the Taste Journey, enthusiasts also may enjoy Ardmore 30 Year Old (SRP: $449.99).

About The Experts:

Noah Rothbaum: Noah Rothbaum is the Editor in Chief of www.liquor.com, a new Web site and daily email providing an expert guide to all things spirits and cocktails related. He is also the author of The Business of Spirits: How Savvy Marketers, Innovative Distillers and Entrepreneurs Changed How We Drink.

Cheri Loughlin: Cheri Loughlin, a.k.a. The Intoxicologist, has always had a deep thirst for knowledge, love of writing and in the past several years intense desire to learn about the craft of cocktailing. The goal of The Intoxicologist is to discover the unique qualities of spirits and create cocktails that make the spirits memorable. Cheri writes as The Intoxicologist at www.intoxicologist.net.

Christopher Null: Christopher Null has written regularly about wine and spirits since 2003. He now runs the popular spirits blog www.drinkhacker.com which he founded in 2007.

Jack Robertiello: Jack Robertiello has worked with or written about beverages, food and restaurants for most of his adult life. A frequent speaker at conferences and meetings and a judge in many spirits competitions, he also is the author of "Mangia: The Best Italian Food In NYC." Jack has written for dozens of publications in his search for the finest beer, wine, spirits and cocktails in the world, a quest for the best. Jack writes at Drinks Ink at www.drinksink.blogspot.com.

Mark Gillespie: Mark Gillespie started WhiskyCast in 2005 as part of his own education in whisky. A long-time broadcast journalist, Mark's weekly Podcast is now heard by whisky lovers in more than 100 countries, nearly every whisky-consuming nation. Mark is the host and producer of WhiskyCast at www.whiskycast.com.

Jeffrey Karlovitch: Entrepreneur Jeffrey Karlovitch started Whisky Life Magazine in 2007. As a techie by trade, Jeff used his broad technology skills and his passion for whisky and life to bring his project to reality. Whisky Life Magazine is the first whisky magazine to focus on the finest lifestyle, whisky, wine, cigars and other spirits. In the growing need for a publication that spoke to the 25-45 demographic the Whisky Life Magazine was born while utilizing one of the Internet's most popular consumer whisky sites in the world -- Whisky Guild. Jeffrey writes for Whisky Life at www.thewhiskylife.com.

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