Connect With Nature and Discover the Spirit Within... -- New Book Reveals Spiritual Insights and Allows One to Discover One's True Self

CALGARY, Alberta, Jan. 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Each person walks a different spiritual path. People can choose to follow or listen to the way of God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Wicca, science, or even their conscience. For author Cynthia Schmidt, she chooses to believe in Fairies. In her new book, Stoned Naturally, she takes readers on a journey to spirituality—to discover the spirit within and connect with nature.

The author came to understand that the world of colors represented something and that each color has deep meaning. As she sought an understanding of elemental nature and rocks, she realized that one has to discover his self—rather his true self. For some, this knowledge comes after a mystical experience or Dark night of the Soul, but always from within. Spirituality is about maintaining balance and harmony in society and one’s individual connection with the essences of nature.

On her nature walks, Schmidt would find rocks while her Fairy friends talk. The more time she spent in nature and with her rocks and Fairy friends, her love for them grew. It was a pleasurable experience that enhanced all of her senses. When a person uses all his senses to connect with his Self within or a Fairy Rock Spirit, he can gain an understanding, which can only be achieved with love.

Stoned Naturally is for those who want to explore the here and now, to experience the present, to become aware of their feelings and to experience a more intimate contact with nature’s elementals. As the author introduces her Fairy Rock Spirits to readers, she hopes that they will never look at a rock in the same way again. She hopes a fairy rock will find them and follow them home. This enlightening read is ideal for those who are spiritually challenged or those who suffer with disease.

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About the Author

Cynthia is a graduate from SAIT with a certificate in Marketing and Administration. Cynthia also has a diploma in Bookkeeping and a certificate of accomplishment in Income Tax Preparation. Along with her husband John of 25 years, they have successfully run JAS Electrical Contractors Inc. Cynthia is a National Certified Gymnastic Coach, a Body Talk Access Technician and Reiki Master. To unwind Cynthia spent time in nature getting to know nature’s elementals. She would walk along the rivers of Alberta and saw the most amazing rocks, thus starting her unique rock collection.

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Stoned Naturally * by Cynthia Schmidt
Fairy * Art * Rock * Treasures
Publication Date: January 15, 2010
Picture Book; $31.99; 62 pages; 978-1-4415-9335-1
Picture Book Hardcover; $41.99; 62 pages; 978-1-4415-9336-8

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