"Look Beyond What You Think You See..." -- Avant-garde Artist Ushers in the Age of Photographic Expressionism

MEAD, Wash., Jan. 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just as the late nineteenth century saw the arrival of Expressionism, so does the twenty-first century witness the dawning of a new age in visual arts: Photographic Expressionism. Seasoned photographer Roger L. Maddox helps establish the existence of this contemporary form of art with the release of Unique Photographs and Photographic Expressionism, a breathtaking collection of exceptionally enhanced photos.

Harnessing the power of his imagination, Maddox creates a new work of art by turning still photos into electrifying images. As a traditional artist expresses himself on canvas, a photographer uses the computer screen. A traditional artist uses paintbrushes; a photographer uses the keyboard as brush. Although a traditional artist and a photographer use different media, both strive to accomplish the same results. Both are artists and both enjoy the euphoria they experience from their creative works of art.

The photographic images within the pages of this book are the result of such imagination and Photographic Expressionism. It illustrates the practice in art – seeking to depict subjective emotions and responses that the objects photographed have aroused within the photographer, the artist.

Over fifty photographic images portray a variety of objects and subjects in a way not seen before. People who have had the opportunity of viewing the work of Roger Maddox have been extremely complimentary of the way he is able to create such unique photographic expressionism. The images are often described by viewers as “Bold,” “Unique,” and “Edgy,” while one reviewer wrote of the author, “Obviously there is an artist within you.”

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About the Author

Roger Maddox has been an avid photographer for about thirty years. His first camera was one of those point and shoot fixed lens cameras. He then moved over to the SLR cameras and has been using a digital SLR camera since 2005. He turned his passion into a business after a successful career in the public sector. Even though Mr. Maddox has honed his skills as a photographer, he says there seemed to be something missing internally for him when he viewed the final results of the photographs. He began exploring abstract and photographic expressionism a fews years ago. Mr. Maddox is more satisfied with his results because expressionism allows the creative side to come forth. When he looks at an object or a subject to be photographed, he goes through a thinking process. First he thinks about how interesting that object looks or does not look, then he thinks about how it could look and then the process begins of turning that image into something that has never been seen before. It has been said that Mr. Maddox certainly has a unique photographic style.

Unique Photographs and Photographic Expressionism * by Roger L. Maddox
Publication Date: March 12, 2009
Picture Book; $38.49; 82 pages; 978-1-4415-0450-0
Picture Book Hardcover; $38.49; 82 pages; 978-1-4415-0451-7

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