It's 2010: Do You Know Where Your New Ideas Will Come From This Year?

Expert Reveals Secrets of Next Big Ideas Are Hidden in Patent Applications

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - January 20, 2010) - Roger Maxwell can walk and talk today because of a patent application, and the curious thing is that the patent application that saved him wasn't even his.

At age 49, Maxwell, a patent attorney, suffered a stroke which left him in a wheelchair and virtually unable to speak. He credits searching published patent applications, which are all public records, with his discovery of supplements and techniques that helped him recover. After his recovery, he wrote "Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook" (, which included some of the techniques he learned from patents.

"In looking at patents, I discovered the secrets of supplements, like Omega 3s, that boosted my body's ability to heal itself," he said. "After two years of physical therapy, yoga and supplements -- and after being told I would never walk or speak normally again -- I found myself running a marathon and starting a business as a motivational speaker. If the secrets hidden in patent applications could help me recover from a stroke, imagine what it could do for people looking for new ideas for their lives and businesses."

According to Maxwell, patent applications can be extremely useful in several ways:

--  You can find the next big thing -- Patent applications talk about
    upcoming products.  You can find out about a company's upcoming products by
    looking at their patent applications.
--  You can say and write better things -- With the information in
    patents, you can be more "intelligent."
--  You can design better products -- Patent applications tell people
    what can be included in a product, and the most effective ways to do
--  You can make money -- You can get a valuable patent, use it to
    monopolize a market, or find a sales or licensing target for the patent.

"The soul of American innovation, the creativity of the inventor's mind and the lifeblood of our growth as a nation are all hidden inside these patent documents," he said. "The next big thing, the next new idea, the next world-changing concept is there, and available to anyone who asks for it."

About Roger Maxwell

Roger Maxwell is a patent attorney, stroke survivor and author of "Taking Charge of Your Stroke Recovery: A Personal Recovery Workbook" (

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