Social Media Rapidly Gaining Ground as a Vital Direct Response Channel

Rauxa Direct Taps Trend With Advanced Data Strategies to Improve Direct Response Rates in Social Networking

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - January 26, 2010) - Rauxa Direct, an innovative direct marketing agency headquartered in Orange County, Calif., today announced a significant increase in the use of social media by its clients in 2009 and into the new year. This reflects the national trend supported by industry analysts, as direct marketers have adopted social media as an important marketing tactic. In fact, a recent eMarketer report predicts that as more marketers use social networks, they will seek to incorporate them into the rest of their marketing, making 2010 a year in which social network advertising will intersect with other kinds of advertising. As a result, Rauxa has expanded its interactive staff, assigning greater creative and data resources specifically to social networking strategies.

"Social media channels must be considered as part of today's overall marketing mix -- with the same level of defined expectations, appropriate creative and execution, leading to meaningful results," said Jill Gwaltney, CEO at Rauxa Direct. "Marketers have come to understand that social networking enables on-the-fly, real-time engagement, tracking and refinement of program elements. Because of this we're seeing our clients embrace social media as a relevant communications channel, engaging Rauxa to fully manage their online presence."

With companies recognizing social media as a key component to an integrated direct response campaign, new and existing clients are coming to Rauxa Direct for guidance and program deployment through this powerful channel. However, while most companies feel they need a social media strategy, many still aren't sure how to go about it or what to expect from their efforts. Rauxa steps in to develop a custom Social Media program as part of a client's overall marketing effort using the same proven, advanced data gathering and refinement methods applied to direct marketing as a whole. Through a variety of research methods -- including social network monitoring and competitive keyword search -- Rauxa tracks relevant trends, adjusting specific marketing communications tactics used for a "selective" social networking approach based on what the client's target audience is saying and doing.

"Social media represents many opportunities for direct response -- it's important to know what's being said but also where it's being said," added Matt McCullough, Interactive Services Director, Rauxa Direct. "It's all in the data -- for example, one campaign may reflect more influence on Twitter than Facebook, or YouTube over Twitter. Effective marketers understand that difference, not only for the current campaign but to leverage information for future efforts."

Registered Twitter users have been estimated at about 6 million in 2008 with that number doubling by the end of 2009 and expected to hit 18 million by the end of this year(1). According to Facebook, the site has over 350 million users worldwide with more than 1.5 million pieces of content (Web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared daily. And with people not only watching hundreds of millions of videos a day on YouTube but also uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily(2), there is no question that YouTube dominates as the online video channel of choice.

According to "The Social Media and Online PR Report," published by Econsultancy in association with bigmouthmedia, 86 percent of companies are planning to spend more on social media in 2010 over previous years.

"As more marketers incorporate social networks into their business, they will no longer look at them as siloed destinations separate from the rest of their marketing," added Debra Aho Williamson, Senior Analyst at eMarketer and author of the Social Network Ad Spending: 2010 Outlook report. "Key themes for 2010 will include earned media, the intersection of social and search and the expansion of social ad networks."


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