Diehl Technology LLC Releases TABULUS 2010 Spreadsheet and Business Modeling Software

COLUMBIA, Md., Jan. 26, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diehl Technology LLC announced the release of TABULUS 2010, The Table Oriented Spreadsheet software for Microsoft Windows.

TABULUS 2010 is a spreadsheet and business modeling software program that brings OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and BI (Business Intelligence) technology to the mainstream. TABULUS 2010 combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet, structure of a database, modeling of financial software, and presentation ability of a reporting program, all with a state of the art intuitive graphical user interface.

Spreadsheets are the most valuable piece of business software in your arsenal because of their enormous flexibility and ease of use.  When trying to manage financial data such as P&L's, budgets, forecasts, sales reports, etc., spreadsheets can become error-prone and difficult to manipulate. Traditional spreadsheet errors can be caused by simple copy and paste of cells, blocks of cells, deletion or insertion of rows, and columns. Business decisions based off of incorrect spreadsheet data can cost an organization exponentially by the time the error is caught.

TABULUS 2010 changes all of that with tables which can easily be dragged around and placed where needed within the file and can be worked with separately or together. To eliminate errors caused by broken links or formulas there is only one instance of each piece of data. The same data can be used in multiple reports. To increase accuracy and save time, use the built-in formulas that ship with TABULUS 2010. Using built-in formulas reduces the need to write formulas by up to 95%. Fewer formulas manually generated saves time building files as well as reduce the need to check for errors.

TABULUS 2010 is $495 USD per license and $195 each additional year maintenance.

"I downloaded and tested your product today.  I have to say it is truly amazing. As a long term spreadsheet and database user I would have to say that TABULUS 2010 is possibly the most exciting software product I have seen. It has the ability to address so many varied applications within any business irrespective of its size," says Bill Vincent of W. Vincent, Consulting.

"We got it!  After so many discussions, designs, and hard engineering work TABULUS 2010 is on its way to customers worldwide!" says Radoslav Nemchev CTO of Diehl Technology LLC.

"As a CEO I have dealt with spreadsheet reporting issues for years, and finally we have done something about it. I am very proud to put my name and reputation behind TABULUS 2010," says Richard Diehl, CEO and Owner of Diehl Technology LLC.

To try the 90 day demo of TABULUS 2010, visit http://www.tabulus.com/GetItNow/

The Diehl Technology LLC logo is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=7022

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Mr. Diehl remains Chairman of Nemetschek North America, makers of Vectorworks. Vectorworks is a registered trademark of Nemetschek North America, Inc. www.vectorworks.net


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