Dude, Where's My Dad?

New GPS Technology Can Help Prevent Silver Alerts

VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - February 11, 2010) - It's a growing problem with a growing solution -- elderly dementia patients go missing every day, so much so that 18 states have created programs called Silver Alerts to help find missing elderly people before they fall into harm's way.

The Alzheimer's Association warns that more than 60 percent of elderly patients afflicted with dementia will wander and become lost at some point in their lives.

One solution many advocates are promoting is the use of personal GPS tracking devices to help locate dementia patients within minutes of the realization they are missing.

"Personal GPS devices that can be tracked via an online dashboard can literally be lifesaving devices," said George Karonis, CEO of LiveViewGPS (www.liveviewGPS.com) and a former law enforcement officer with 15 years on the street. "Having been in law enforcement and having dealt with missing persons cases, I can tell you that the first few hours that an elderly person wanders are the most critical, as many dementia patients suffer from other ailments and are on strict medication regimens. If they are without their medication for too long, they can collapse, suffer a cardiac arrest or worse. These devices can be tracked by logging onto your dashboard online. You get an exact position of the GPS holder that is accurate up to the last 20 seconds if they're on foot."

Karonis said that caretakers of elderly dementia patients should look for devices that have feature sets designed to help them track and locate people fast, including:

-- Online tracking via the Internet
-- Rapid updates, so the location reported is accurate
-- Long battery life, and a motion-activated power button,
   so the unit is only using the battery for power when it
   is in motion
-- Portable, capable of fitting in your hand or on a key chain
-- Memory that stores tracking points for future reference

"A portable GPS monitoring system can be an invaluable aid for law enforcement and rescue workers trying to locate missing elderly people before they can be hurt and providing peace of mind for family members," Karonis said. "When used correctly, it can enable family and police to find a missing person within minutes."

About George Karonis

George Karonis, CEO of LiveViewGPS, is a 15-year law enforcement veteran with years of experience in security and surveillance.

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