Eastwick Communications Launches New Influence Mapping Service Based on Architecture of Influence Methodology

Data-Driven Approach Helps Companies Understand Influence Dynamics in Their Markets

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) -  Eastwick Communications, a top independent integrated communications firm, today announced its Influence Mapping service. The new service is designed to help companies stand out in today's confusing communications landscape and achieve real, measurable business results such as increased brand preference, customer and influencer engagement, and lead generation. Eastwick's new service is based on its Architecture of Influence methodology, which leverages a data-driven approach to identify the real influencers in specific markets based on how people truly consume and share information online.

Prior to the explosion of social networking and other online channels, influence -- especially in technology-related markets -- was easy to follow: financial and industry analysts, media, pundits, and large company spokespeople, among others, were obvious influencers. Today, any individual with knowledge and credibility about a specific topic, market or product has the potential to be a significant industry influencer.

Companies now face the challenge of figuring out who the influencers are in their markets, how to communicate with them authentically and effectively, and how to measure the true business impact of that engagement. In a time when budgets are tight and ROI is more important than ever, it's critical that companies focus on connecting with the right influencers from the start and direct their dollars accordingly.

Eastwick's Influence Map is used to inform the strategy for a range of inbound programs like SEO and analytics; outbound programs, such as self-publishing and branded content; and word of mouth services like community-building, viral programs, customer engagement and advanced social media campaigns.

Eastwick has developed Influence Maps for its current client base and is now making the service available to non-clients. For more information and pricing please contact info@eastwick.com.

News Highlights

  • Eastwick's Influence Mapping Service is powered by Traackr's proprietary platform and enhanced by human expertise to clean and filter data for accurate results.
  • Key influencers are identified by the areas of reach, resonance, and relevance. Algorithms developed specifically for identifying these criteria are run in application-specific engines to identify the individuals who rank the highest in a combination of all three.
    • Reach is the popularity of an influencer and her ability to "generate eyeballs" on a future post.
    • Resonance is the ability of an influencer to create word-of-mouth, or "spark stories."
    • Relevance is the pertinence of an influencer on the specific topic area being searched.
  • Clients receive a detailed Influence Map of the top 20 influencers in their market, the quantitative details about what makes them influential, the qualitative insights into their connections and associations, and specific, custom recommendations on how to engage with them and leverage their circles of influence.
  • Eastwick's data-based scorecard for influencer engagement measures progress and business results based on the communications strategy.


"Influence matters more than ever, but the new communications world order is chaotic for companies to navigate without having specific insight on where to focus their energy and resources and how to apply them in a meaningful way," said Barbara Bates, principal, Eastwick Communications. "Eastwick's Influence Mapping service is designed for today's reality, and it gives clients the confidence that they are directing their dollars strategically and effectively."

"Separating the signal from the noise is a brand's biggest challenge on the social web today," said Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO of Traackr. "Our technology-based approach cuts through the clutter of the Web to find the people who are already having a conversation about a specific brand or market, have built an audience, and asserted their authority in the space. The next challenge is to engage these individuals successfully. Eastwick has built a fantastic expertise based on analysis, strategic thinking and stellar execution to maximize the impact of specific influencers for its clients."

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