Corra Group is Featured by Canal Plus in a Background Checking Interview

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corra Group has recently been featured in a magazine segment for Canal Plus, the French Cable Television Production Company. The video segment was part of a special report about background checks in the aftermath of the sensational murder of Jasmine Fiore by her former husband, Ryan Jenkins. The video segment was produced for Canal Plus' popular series, L'Effet Papillion, or The Butterfly Effect.

"It was a pleasure being interviewed by Canal Plus for its cable outlet on French television," said Gordon Basichis, Co-Founder of Corra Group. "We enjoyed having the crew in our office and were happy to answer any questions they had.

"Background checks are a serious business and for whatever reason when someone's criminal record goes undiscovered, it opens the door for the unsavory types like Jenkins to charm his way onto a reality show. 

"Small wonder television production companies are conducting background checks on their contestants. We have for sometime provided background checking services to the entertainment community. Since the Ryan Jenkins debacle, more entertainment groups have been calling us. Production people are great people to work with. They are open minded and want to know how best to conduct background checks and the range of services we can provide."

"It only takes one Ryan Jenkins to stress out an entire community," said Co-Founder, Nick Gustavson. "The Jenkins affair was a tragedy. I would like to say it is a onetime thing, but subsequently additional cast members have been revealed as miscreants and violent offenders. One former reality show contestant, just the other day, was found to be a serial killer."

Corra Group has designed several entertainment oriented background checking packages to assist film and television production companies in using our services. These packages were developed in response to input from various entertainment executives. The background checking packages are easily modified to meet specific requirements.  

Jenkins had been a finalist in the new VH-1 Reality Show, "Meagan Wants a Millionaire."  Jenkins had previously been convicted of assault in Canada, but for some reason the conviction was not reported in the background search report conducted by another entity. The ensuing controversy motivated Canal Plus to interview various persons in the show business community, including the principals at Corra Group.

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