Launches FinancialForce With Chatter on's ChatterExchange

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - April 8, 2010) -  

  • Adding Salesforce Chatter to FinancialForce moves accounting from back-office into real-time event-driven business world
  • Demonstrated for the first time today at Cloudforce2 in New York
  • Accelerating the Market Shift to Cloud 2, the Next Cloud Computing Paradigm, the global leader in online cloud accounting solutions built natively on the platform from, today announced it has launched with Chatter on's ChatterExchange, helping to accelerate the market shift to Cloud 2, the next cloud computing paradigm. is among the first to leverage the social components of Chatter now available in the platform. Chatter will change the way FinancialForce Accounting users interact with sales and the rest of the business, improving cross-department collaboration.

With particular focus on driving collaboration between sales and finance departments, the Chatter-enabled FinancialForce application will allow more frequent and effective collaboration around sales opportunities, customer accounts and service issues in order to achieve best pricing and payment structures for big deals or avoid costly payment delays and disputes. It will bring finance out of the back office and back into the heart of the business, enabling them to get involved in conversations earlier to negate problems and improve customer service.

Users can choose to follow Chatter groups that apply to their role, receiving updates and taking part in discussions on specific topics. It can be used to support processes like month-end close, when finance staff typically spend considerable effort chasing information and input from around the organization.

Other examples might include:

  • A salesperson leading a large bid might collaborate with the team working on the bid and include the CFO or the controller, allowing finance to give input on how best to structure the pricing and payment schedule for the deal and to provide revenue-recognition guidance.
  • A helpdesk agent setting a customer issue to a high priority level could make finance and sales aware of the potential impact this might have on outstanding payments due or sales discussions in progress.
  • A salesperson following a specific account can be informed that the customer hasn't paid in the agreed time. He / She can chase that customer in their next meeting to push payment through or find out if other issues exist that finance should be aware of.

"We have worked closely with to build Chatter capability into our application, creating the first truly collaborative cloud accounting solution," said Jeremy Roche, president and CEO of "It's a game changer in terms of how people will interact with each other and our application. Since we launched, our customers have found huge benefit in more closely linking finance and sales, people and processes, and this will enable better collaboration to make business processes more efficient.

"Many finance tasks involve chasing down information, and this will help them stay informed, deal with issues before they become a problem for the business and improve cash flow. Better collaboration with customer-facing teams will mean better customer service. Chatter will also allow us to build future features in our applications dedicated to collaboration, as well as new applications that use the Chatter social capabilities of the platform." for Chatter will be available to customers, subject to their license for Chatter with The application provides anytime, anywhere access to real-time feeds via Blackberry or iPhone mobile devices, so users can be updated and respond as business issues arise.

Availability: for Chatter is available in beta now and will be available to all customers when Chatter moves to general release.

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is a unique online cloud accounting solution -- the only one to be built natively on the platform from It allows finance teams of organizations using Salesforce CRM -- the world's most successful online solution -- to truly 'Speak Salesforce' in a way no other cloud accounting system can do, dramatically simplifying processes like invoicing, collecting cash and servicing customers.

As the only financial management solution that 'Speaks Salesforce,' does for finance what has done for CRM -- it gives organizations a complete understanding of their financial and business performance that is 100% up-to-the-minute and accurate.

FinancialForce Accounting's unique real-time design is always in balance and up to date, delivering the confidence of reliable figures from secure systems, looked after by the world's most trusted enterprise cloud computing platform. It is aimed at organizations outgrowing their original accounting applications and looking for a simple yet powerful accounting solution with the capability to support them as they expand locally and even internationally. was funded with an investment from UNIT4 (parent company of accounting software specialist CODA) and It combines CODA's 30 years of designing and building financial applications, with the platform's decade of dependability, availability and security.

The result is a range of cloud computing applications, including FinancialForce Accounting -- a full Software as a Service (SaaS) accounting application -- delivered on a subscription basis; the first international SaaS accounting system developed on's cloud computing platform,

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