MEDIA ALERT: ServiceMesh Speaks at CLOUD LAB '10

"Everything-as-a-Service" Authority Explains How Enterprises Can Safely Adopt Cloud Computing

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 20, 2010) -

What: Anthony Skipper, vice president of infrastructure and security at ServiceMesh, will be presenting at CLOUD LAB '10, April 21, 2010. Mr. Skipper will discuss some of the most pressing issues facing enterprises and cloud computing users today: cloud pricing models and how they affect ROI, and the must-know standards that are shaping the future of cloud computing. The CLOUD LAB Conference series is a global cloud computing event, covering the latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing.
Why: With the adoption of cloud computing technologies, enterprises are faced with a future that includes many dynamic management technologies such as dynamic DNS, virtual firewalls and automated storage provisioning. These technologies are critical for enterprises to be able to manage cloud environments. Unfortunately, many enterprises have spent the past decade trying to do away with dynamic technologies in their environments to improve infrastructure reliability and security, and reduce downtime. To resolve this tension, enterprises considering a move to cloud computing need to understand policy management and how it can help manage these dynamic technologies. In this session, Anthony will cover some of the various technologies that are being used to help implement the cloud. Attendees will learn about the dangers that can come along with technologies if they are not managed properly, and will learn the role of policy management in resolving this tension so that enterprises can safely adopt cloud computing technologies.
When: Who Did What? Why Policy Management is Critical for Enterprise Cloud Computing
  Wednesday, April 21, 2010
  4:00 p.m. ET - 5:00 p.m. ET
Where: Online -- Register to attend
  A summary of the discussion will be available on the ServiceMesh newsroom following the session
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