Corporate Sustainability Leader Power Assure to Take the Stage at FiRe 2010

FRIDAY HARBOR, WA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2010) -  Strategic News Service is proud to announce that Power Assure has been selected as a 2010 FiReStarter company, to be featured at its annual Future in Review technology conference May 11th at the Terranea Resort. FiReStarter companies are selected based on their potential to bring positive change to the world, and are showcased during the conference, both at an exclusive investor reception and in panels throughout FiRe 2010.

Power Assure develops and delivers data center infrastructure monitoring and dynamic capacity management software. This critical business automation software dramatically reduces energy use and carbon emissions in commercial, corporate, and government data centers. The company's software platform intelligently monitors and manages data center server capacity in real time, maintaining required service levels at optimum efficiency and lowest total cost.

"Our ability to monitor the infrastructure of a data center and optimize server energy use by automating capacity management is the key enabler towards transforming the world's data centers from an 'Always On' model to an 'Always Available' model," said Brad Wurtz, CEO of Power Assure and scheduled speaker at FiRe 2010. "The ability to transform data centers into an Always Available model -- where computer use, and therefore energy use, is driven directly by customer demand -- is the primary reason the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded Power Assure a $5M grant. The U.S. government sees the urgent need for the adoption of active power management software in both enterprise and government data centers."

Future in Review is an annual gathering of world-class thought leaders in technology and economics. Now in its eighth year, Future in Review 2010 will take place May 11-14th at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California. The Economist has called FiRe "The best technology conference in the world." This year's FiRe will feature keynote speaker Nathan Lewis, George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, on the key issue of "Scaling Alternative Energies."

"Even as technology is helping us to design solutions to the crises in energy use and climate change, the IT industry is adding significantly to the demand curve. Power Assure's technology serves many social needs at once: increased availability at the data center, increased energy efficiency, and reduced comparative energy consumption," said Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and SNS CEO.

Other speakers at FiRe 2010 will include Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, Microsoft; Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO, NVIDIA; Paul Jacobs, CEO, Qualcomm; Steve Squyres, Principal Investigator of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission (MER) and Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University, on "Finding Life on Mars"; John Cramer, Science Fiction Author and Professor Emeritus, Physics, University of Washington on "Quantum Time Reversal"; John Delaney, Professor of Oceanography and Jerome M. Paros Endowed Chair in Sensor Networks and Director, Regional Scale Nodes Program, University of Washington, on building the world's first broadband ocean-floor remote sensing network; and many more.

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