Investors Can Easily Build and Manage CNBC Model ETF Portfolios Using MarketRiders

Bob Pisani's Portfolios Now Available as Online Templates

DANVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) -  MarketRiders (, the online portfolio manager, today made available CNBC's Bob Pisani's Model ETF Portfolios as templates so that investors can easily implement these portfolios and manage them. 

"Bob and the folks at CNBC are doing investors a great service in helping them understand the power of ETFs by putting together thematic portfolios. With nearly 1000 ETFs available, the task of assembling the right portfolio for an investment thesis can be daunting," explained Mitch Tuchman, MarketRiders CEO.

Pisani asked three ETF experts, Matt Hougan of Index Universe, Tom Lydon of ETF Trends, and Jim Lowell to assemble several different model ETF Portfolios that would benefit from various themes in the global economy. These portfolios, which are now available on MarketRiders, also show the weighted average ETF fees for each one:

  1. Diversified Global Core Portfolio (.31%): broad exposure to stocks, bonds and commodities;
  1. Global Bull Portfolio (.44%): could benefit from strong returns in the global stock market;
  1. Global Sideways Market Portfolio (.62%): that could provide consistent returns if stocks underperform for longer periods of time;
  1. Global Bear Portfolio (.39%): anticipates a pullback in global stocks and seeks to limit risk;
  1. Emerging Markets Portfolio (.61%): emphasizes investments in emerging market countries like Turkey, Chile, South Africa, Brazil, China, and India;
  1. Rising Inflation Portfolio (.33%): might deliver strong returns during a period of rising inflation.

Investors who wish to invest in these portfolios can now easily use the MarketRiders online portfolio manager to do so. By choosing the "Let Me Build It" option, investors will find all of these portfolios now listed as templates. Investors can then enter an amount they wish to invest in the CNBC portfolio and MarketRiders will generate a list of the ETFs in the portfolio and an exact number of shares to purchase according to the CNBC portfolio allocations. Investors will then receive an email notification when the actual allocations stray from the CNBC targets so that investors can then rebalance their portfolios.

"If you want to build and manage an ETF portfolio, the key is staying with your target allocations," notes Tuchman. "Our software watches the portfolio 24 x 7 and gives investors the ability to set alert levels, alter target allocations and ETFs, backtest over the last 12 months, and even see weighted average portfolio ETF fees. It's an amazing power tool for ETF investors."

Anyone can try MarketRiders online portfolio manager for a 30 day free trial and then invest $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year for its fully featured service. The process to build the CNBC portfolios using MarketRiders is described on the MarketRiders blog at

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