Announces VMforce(TM) Connector Service for Java Developers

Easy Set-up for Java Developers Building Enterprise Accounting Functionality Into VMforce* Apps

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 21, 2010) -, the global leader in online cloud accounting solutions built natively on the platform from, today announced a new VMforce connector service that will enable Java developers to quickly and easily build FinancialForce Accounting functionality into their own VMforce applications. The announcement was made at The Grape Escape analyst event in Boston.

The FinancialForce VMforce connector provides pre-configured web services, opening the doors for VMforce Java developers that want fast, easy access to enterprise accounting functionality on the platform. It will significantly reduce configuration and set-up time of the FinancialForce Accounting web services layer. Out of the box, VMforce developers will have access to the accounting functionality they need to make their apps enterprise-ready quickly and easily.

"VMforce is an exciting proposition and provides a huge opportunity for Java developers," said Jeremy Roche, President and CEO, "FinancialForce Accounting will work out of the box with VMforce as soon as it is available, with all the accounting business logic and critical controls applied. Developers normally have to configure and set up the web services layer which is a technical job and can be time consuming. This tool eliminates the need for manual configuration enabling VMforce developers to develop apps quicker and be more productive."

VMforce, the world's first enterprise Java Cloud, was announced recently by and VMware. Using VMforce, 6 million enterprise Java developers, including over 2 million developers using the Spring framework backed by the SpringSource division of VMware, will be able to tap into platform services. VMforce is currently scheduled to be available in developer preview in 2010 and the FinancialForce connector service will be made available to developers around the same time.


FinancialForce Accounting is a unique online cloud accounting solution -- the only one to be built natively on the platform from It allows finance teams of organizations using Salesforce CRM -- the world's most successful online solution -- to truly 'Speak Salesforce' in a way no other cloud accounting system can do, dramatically simplifying processes like invoicing, collecting cash and servicing customers.

Having created the only financial management solution that 'Speaks Salesforce,' does for finance what has done for CRM -- it gives organizations a complete understanding of their financial and business performance that is 100% up-to-the-minute and accurate.

FinancialForce Accounting's unique real-time design is always in balance and up to date, delivering the confidence of reliable figures from secure systems, looked after by the world's most trusted enterprise cloud computing platform. It is aimed at organizations outgrowing their original accounting applications and looking for a simple yet powerful accounting solution with the capability to support them as they expand locally and even internationally. was funded with an investment from UNIT4 (parent company of accounting software specialist CODA) and It combines CODA's 30 years of designing and building financial applications, with the platform's decade of dependability, availability and security.

The result is a range of cloud computing applications, including FinancialForce Accounting -- a full Software as a Service (SaaS) accounting application -- delivered on a subscription basis; the first international SaaS accounting system developed on's cloud computing platform,

*VMforce is a trademark of VMware Inc.

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