WildPackets Unveils TimeLine Network Recorder

Validated by Independent Test Lab, Miercom as one of the Industry's Fastest Network Traffic Capture Solutions

WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwire - June 28, 2010) -  WildPackets, Inc. (www.wildpackets.com), a leading provider of network and application performance analysis solutions, today announced their TimeLine Network Recorder, one of the fastest continuous network traffic capture and analysis solutions ever available as certified by independent test lab Miercom.

WildPackets' TimeLine Network Recorder sets a new standard in capture-to-disk speeds, offering unsurpassed network traffic collection and recording, quick data rewinding, simultaneous real-time network monitoring and rapid search and forensic analysis of collected data. With TimeLine, all network issues can be identified, analyzed, reconstructed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Many protocol analysis and troubleshooting solutions often claim line-rate analysis based on specifications of the embedded network capture card. However, capture performance varies greatly from the actual rate at which packets are written to disk without data loss. TimeLine is confirmed as one of the fastest, continuous network capture and analysis solutions in its class, achieving capture to disk without any loss for traffic rates up to 11.7 Gbps in a mixed traffic profile of equally distributed frame sizes, according to The Miercom Technical Brief.

"We are impressed with the capture-to-disk performance of WildPackets' TimeLine Network Recorder," said Robert Smithers, CEO of Miercom, an independent test lab. "With a capture-to-disk rate of 11.7 Gbps and zero packet loss, the superior performance is an example of the excellent design of TimeLine for use in network forensic analysis."

TimeLine makes it easy for network administrators to visualize data over long periods, zoom in on network anomalies that require deeper investigation and rapidly solve those issues in real-time. CIOs and business managers can use TimeLine for compliance purposes -- audit and track network activity and easily communicate service level compliance to an organization.

"Due to the constant growth in network traffic, enterprises deploying 10Gb networks no longer have the luxury of using under-rated packet analysis solutions due to the increasing risk of dropping packets during high usage," said Jim Frey, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. "WildPackets is addressing this critical need with their new TimeLine solution, so much-needed visibility into highly utilized networks can be reliably assured by eliminating the risk of losing critical data. Additionally, their approach to quick retrieval and analysis reduces the time and effort needed to reproduce and troubleshoot intermittent network and application performance issues."

"With WildPackets' years of experience in this market, our engineers have created a unique, innovative solution that achieves a true breakthrough in high speed, capture-to-disk performance," said Tim McCreery, CEO of WildPackets. "With TimeLine, network issues can be identified, analyzed, reconstructed and resolved by IT staff or even business analysts faster and more efficiently than ever before."

For more information about TimeLine Network Recorder, please visit: http://www.wildpackets.com/products/network_recorders/timeline_network_recorder

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